Marigold jumpsuit inspiration

Ahead of the making my April’s project for #sewmystyle2018 which is Tilly and the buttons’ Marigold jumpsuit I had a little browse for an inspiration.

I really enjoy this type of clothing as it is very comfortable and can be used throughout the year. I am excited that this pattern was included as one of #sewmystyle2018 projects, but for some unknown reason I  cannot decide which way to go……

Should I “hack” the pattern and make slightly fitted bodice with sleeves?…I like how it looks with plain color fabric…chick yet stylish…even when pared with flat shoes.

How about a “secret pajama” Marigold???….made with stretchy fabric…hmmmm that’s a idea.

Ohhh if I only knew how to make an embroidery  on my garments…they would look so much more beautiful and unique.

Color blocking seams like so much fun, and could look great on Marigold jumpsuit. Should I awaken my creativity….

What about loud and bright colors….Not sure if I am brave enough to pull it off tho. But it looks stunning!

Stripes!!!!! Who doesn’t like stripes??? You can play around with a directions of stripes to achieve different looks….so cool.

At this moment in time I am loving a floral vibe…waiting for a spring to finally arrive….don’t keep us waiting please. We need you!!!!

I am also considering to make a short version of Marigold jumpsuit in case we have a hot summer 🙂

Which style should I make??? Decisions, decisions…

~Which one is you favorite?~

Monika xxx

Author: All Sew Petite

This blog is about my love of sewing. I will try to document all my makes, any patterns adjustments or fitting issues...and there will be many as a petite person I can barely find anything that fits.

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