10 Sewing projects that will bust my growing fabric scraps collection

After years of sewing I managed to accumulate not only a small fabric stash, but equally small (big) fabric scraps stash that needs to be take care of fast! I do not like to get rid of any leftover pieces as I never know when will I need them….but let’s be honest here….I do forget about it as soon as I finish my latest make. There are so many small projects that I really want to sew at the same time use some of the chunks of material reducing their amount substantially and making space for some more…..just kidding….maybe 😉

For a while now I want to make a full size quilt, but it seams like a giant project, that I simply do not have time for. But the longer I think about it,  the more I want it!!! I see so many beautiful quilt patterns and most of them are made of small pieces that would be ideal to bust that scrap stash, so I had decided to finally pick up one design ( for beginner quilter) and simply start cutting the pieces and slowly make my first quilt. I had to convince myself that it is OK to do it in stages instead from start to finish allowing me to make other projects in between. Great idea Monika!!!

Photo: http://www.quiltylove.com/expanding-stars-quilt-pattern-kona-solids-one/

To start my quilting journey it could be easier to make a smaller version first and make a set of pillowcases.

Photo: http://www.sameliasmum.com

Sewing machine cover is another sewing project I have on my to do list. One of the reasons I want to make it is to simply protect my sewing machine and serger, but other also I think it just looks so lovely and would make my sewing corner even more colourful.

Photo: http://www.iseestarsquilting.com/diy-sewing-machine-cover/


My laptop also needs a cover sleeve. Why spend money in the shop on a boring case if I can make it exactly as I want it to be? Right?

Cute Laptop Case
Photo: http://www.crazylittleprojects.com/laptop-bag-pattern/

What about a camera bag? yes,yes,yes….. I can see how my leftover bundle is getting smaller and smaller….

Photo: http://www.sewserendipity.com/media-frenzy-pdf-booklet/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Pinterest

The next scrap busting project is very small but is selfless one! Eye-mask for my partner that I make it on a regular basis and have fun by making it look different each time. I might do some embroidery on the next one too.

Photo: http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/tilly-buttons-2258948/how-to-make-an-eye-mask-free-pattern-4457030847


Oven gloves that are shaped like hearts…what??? That is so cute! Great for any home cook!


Tutorial: Heart shaped oven mitt
Photo: http://www.sewing.craftgossip.com

Quilted tote can be used not only as a  shopping bag, but a storage for a bits and bobs or simply as a piece of decor to brighten the room.

Cute Purple Quilted Tote / Handbag by LaceyAccents on Etsy by darlene
Photo: https://indulgy.com

I am a bit old fashioned and still love to hold and read a book. Don’t get me wrong audio books are great (specially on a busy London Underground ) but there is something special and tangible in holding a book. Most of the time I use a photo or piece of paper to mark the page I am currently on , but why not transform the smallest snippets of fabric into a beautiful bookmark?! This is such an easy and begginer friendly project. Also could be good to use some of my ribbons that I do not know what to do with.


bookmarks scrap fabric
Photo: http://www.thecraftymummy.com/2012/10/fabric-scrap-bookmarks/

And last, but certainly not least a  pouch. It’s small and cute and I can play with designs and colours on smaller scale. I think this is the best project to get me started busting my scrap stash and learning quilting.

Photo: http://www.free-tutorial.net/2017/09/patchwork-zipper-pouch-tutorial.html

~do you have any fun ideas to use all your fabric leftovers?

Monika xxx

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