Sew a chef’s hat! No pattern needed- sewing tutorial

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are doing well.

In my previous post you could join me in making a kids apron with no pattern. Today I thought it would be fun to follow it with a little personalized chef’s hat tutorial. I had some left over of this cupcake fabric, so why not make the entire uniform hihihi

This is such a super easy project and you can make one within 30 minutes.

What you will need is some fabric (around 55 cm/ 70cm) and 8cm elastic.

Cutting out

From the fabric you will need to cut out a big circle, the size of it depends on how puffy you want your chef’s hat to be. The bigger the circle’s radius the more volume the hat will have.

I am not going to complicate things with math as the easiest way to cut a circle is to fold the fabric in half and then again in half. Next measure from double folded corner the radius of the circle ( mine was r= 27cm ) and cut it out.

1 cm seam allowance is already included and used throughout the sewing process.


Next you will need to cut the long headband. To find the length simply measure a head circumference (mine is 53cm) and extract 8cm (45cm). The width is up to you, but I wanted a deep band and used 15cm (which is folded in half).

Lastly, cut out the short headband piece: 15cm by your desired band width (15cm).

If you wish to personalize this chef’s hat, now is the time to do it.

Fold the long head band piece in half with wrong sides together and press. I used a fabric pen to write a name of the person I was making the hat for at the center of the band. Be careful how you write the name, so it does not end up upside down.


Sewing tutorial

Press in half with wrong sides together the short headband piece.

Align the elastic inside the short headband edge and machine on both sides within 1 cm seam allowance.


Fold the short headband with wrong sides together enclosing the elastic between and stitch around 5 mm from the edges.


With right sides together align and sandwich the short headband at side seams by folding the long headband in half along short ends. Pin in place and sew each side using 1 cm seam allowance.


Turn the headband right side out.


Divide and notch the circle piece and the headband in four equal parts.


Within 1 cm seam allowance sew two lines of long basting stitch and gather the fabric evenly throughout the four sections.


With right sides together match and pin the headband and gathered circle at each of the four notches.


Attach the headband to the gathered circle using 1 cm seam allowance and finish of the raw edge using an overlocker or a zigzag stitch.

Give the seam a final press and your chef’s hat is completed.


Time to make some real cupcakes now!!!….If only I knew how hihihi

Monika xxx