Lila bag – testers roundup

Hello my lovely readers!!!

I will never stop being amazed by the people that lend their talents and volunteer to test my patterns. My latest Lila bag pattern is a major project so it takes a certain kind of boldness to risk time and fabric to sew up something that might not even work. Above all that it takes a lot of  understanding and kindness to offer a constructive feedback to a designer of the project. I am humbled and grateful to be able to find these amazing pattern testers.

They all did absolutely awesome job. Each Lila bag is unique and beautiful and I hope you will get inspired!

Testers bags

Facebook: @Tiffany Manser

Instagram: @piajestin

Instagram: @DeesPerdaePieces

Facebook : @Dees Perdae Pieces

Facebook: @bbcreated

Facebook: @Wanda Moore Modarelli

Instagram: @wandamooremodarelli

Instagram : @edgeanddolor

Facebook: @Jill Harzewski Cirrincione

Facebook: @Daisy Enchanted

Instagram: @deqld

Instagram: @PattyODesigns

Facebook: @Pat Olivier

Instagram: @bagsandmorebysabrina

Instagram: @ali-oops handbags

Facebook: @Ali-oops handbags

Instagram: @marciatice

Facebook: @Marcia Gillette Tice

Hope you enjoyed to see all those beautifully made bags!

If you want to find out more about the Lila bag pattern check out my previous post.

To get the pattern right now click on the link below.


Thank you, Monika xxx

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