Sewing tools I want to try

Hello my crafty friends! How are you today?

Last time I showed you 10 of my favourite sewing tools which I cannot live without. Today I want to share with you a list of tools that I really want to try in the future. I’ve done some research and found reviews that confirm their quality, ease of use and durability. A few key aspects, that are crucial to me as a customer. I am hoping that you may have some or all of them and can tell me if they really are as useful as I think, or maybe you prefer an alternative option or brand.

**Disclosure: all links in this post are to Amazon site and are affiliate links, so if you click on them I will earn a commission to no extra cost to you. Please bear in mind that I link these product because I heard great feedback of their quality, but haven’t tried it myself yet.**

To be very transparent here, I plan to edit and add to this post on a regular basis once I had a chance to actually test and use these tools so my opinion may change in the future. I want to be as honest with you as possible, so for the time being I will only shortly mention why I think they would be a great addition to my sewing tool box.

1. Fiskars’ SewSharp Restorer – Who doesn’t want to keep their favourite pair of scissors sharp??? I already use a different scissors for different types of materials to extend their durability but being able to restore or maintain sharp blades for cleaner and more precise cuts would be a dream! This little tool is definitely what I need to have in my sewing box.

2. Pinking sheers – or as I call them zig zag scissors! I used to think they are only good to have when doing some sort of paper cutting craft, but remember using a small (child friendly) version as a kid at school. I am no longer in school, but I really, really want a pair!!! I think pinking sheers would be very helpful when trimming the seam allowance while bag making, specially those curved seams that must be clipped before turning right side out. I already use a regular Fiskars scissors and really like the handle size. It is easy for me to hold them and I don’t get tired as much as when using other types of scissors.

3. Thread zapper – This one is a little odd in my list, but certainly safer than using a lighter to burn the thread tails! I see a lot of bag makers using thread zappers, and even though I sew on a domestic machine with a cotton thread for the moment and not a nylon bonded one, I think this could improve the overall look of my hand stitched leather makes. I always end up with a tiny thread tails that are hard to trim or are in a difficult to get places, so that is why I want to give this gadget a go.

4. Snap press – This is by far the most pricy gadget on the list, but as I am doing more and more bags and small projects that require rivets, snaps etc this KAM snap press would be perfect. It makes installing hardware quicker, easier and less noisy….just ask my neighbours how often I use hammers at home haha. I know you need to purchase additional set of dies for individual size or type of a hardware, but once you have it they are interchangeable and fuss free. At the moment I have a small drawer with bunch of hole punching and setting tools, that get mixed up and most of the times I am using the wrong thing anyway. I might have to wait for Christmas or birthday to treat myself to this little beast, but be sure at some point I will!

5. Garment steamer – Do you like ironing? I don’t mind it as such, but would be nice having a steamer at home. I really dislike when you sew and press your fancy handmade dress and hang it in a wardrobe for couple of weeks to find it all creased out. I want, no I need a handheld clothes steamer that allow for vertical and horizontal steaming on any surface, so if I’m in hurry I can grab my dress a quickly give it a steam to eliminate those annoying wrinkles. This is not as such a sewing tool, but what other wish list I would put it in???

6. Point presser and clapper – Being a hug fan of a couture sewing techniques I want to try all of the tools and gadgets that are being used to produce such a magnificent garments! This is a dual purpose tool to press perfect creases, flatten bulky facing and create perfectly pointed collars and narrow, hard to get to corners. So you see, I could use it in all my projects, making a bag and pressing those non ironable (is that even a word?) seams of vinyl or leather or while making a crisp shirt with a collar and cuffs!!! A must have indeed!!!

7. Prym turning set – Oh boy! I wish turning tunnels was easier and quicker!!! But wait, apparently with this little gadget it is! I already have a loop turning hook, but I hate it!!! It never works, and every time I am half way through it rips the fabric, so I have to start from the beginning. I need something that would not damage these delicate materials, but still do the job, without the hassle of using a safety pin, which for some reason is always to big and never fits into the tunnels I need to turn.

8. Chalk wheel – Why do I need yet another marking tool you ask? I already have and swear by the Pilot friction pens, so what more do I want?!? Well, to be honest it is nice to have an option, right? But seriously, sometimes I use fabrics that cannot be pressed, so the friction pens are not the best to do my markings, because I would need a heat to remove the markings. I heard that the chalk can be easily rubbed off the fabric, so it might be a better alternative on some projects.

9. Rotating cutting mat – This one is a must have in my books if your are doing any quilting! I am not at this point, but am thinking and talking about starting one for a long time now. I imagine this rotary mat could make the tedious job of cutting tons of small squares a bit more enjoyable. Or maybe I should just gave up on the whole idea of quilt making if my feelings are so strong??? Naaaaahhh, I just need a fun rotary mat to get me started!

10. Wool Ironing Mat – another gadget for the quilt makers? Maybe, possibly…but dressmaker can use one too, don’t you agree? Some days I only do a couple of seams (because a lack of free time). I do not have a designated sewing room, but only a small corner in my kitchen / leaving room, which I need to tidy each time I finish sewing for the day. This includes ironing board, lighting, fabric from the floor 😉 and other tools I may use that day. I have a warm feeling in my stomach that this super cute wool mat is exactly what I need, to make my life easier and sewing more efficient! I could have it on my desk, next to the sewing machine for easy access to press the seam on the go. Or am I day dreaming too much?

Mind you I day dream about having a big sewing room, or a studio, where I can hide all day and make beautiful things! I bet I am not alone here !!!

Have you tried any of these tools? Are they helpful, or should I not even bother? I do not like wasting money, so please let me know about your experience!

Monika xxx

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