Hello everyone!

My name is Monika and I will use this blog to document my sewing makes. I cannot remember when I started to be interested in sewing first…I must have been a little child. We had a sewing machine at home that my parents used, to do simple alternations for family and friends, so I started to experiment by cutting random fabric (old sheets and covers hihi ) and sewing it into something that supposed to be wearable. It is embarrassing to admit, but all of it ended up in a bin.

I have moved to London 11 years ago, and had to bring my sewing machine and serger with me. However, life in capital is so fast that I barely found any time to do what I love and it is sad to say that my sewing machine was only gathering dust.

As I am a petite size (only 150 cm….if you wonder) it is difficult to find any clothes that would fit me well, hence I made a decision to sew my wardrobe collection from scratch. Not sure how it will go, but I am going to give 110 % 🙂

Wish me luck!!! Monika xxx