Anime print – The Walkabout backpack by Huff’n Cuffs

Hello again!!!

Last time you could see how I’ve designed and printed my anime inspired fabric pattern using Contado service. Today I will talk about in more details about what I made out of this fabric.

The pattern

As mentioned in my previous post I designed this fabric with a specific project in mind for my partner. I wanted to make him a nice backpack for his birthday and I found a free pattern on Huff’n’Cuff website.

The pattern is called the Walkabout daypack and I really like the simple unisex design that depending on a fabric choice can be made in any style. It features a zippered front pocket, adjustable straps, front closure, handle and a fold over top with a zipper.

The PDF file comes with fabric, interfacing and hardware requirements, cutting and fusing instruction checklists and digital drawing of the pattern. The only actual PDF pattern is the pattern piece for the base so to make this backpack I had to draw the rest of the pattern pieces following the cutting table measurements for each piece.

There is no written step by step booklet included in the PDF file, instead links to a YouTube videos can be found.

Sewing the pattern

This was my first time ever sewing a backpack and I was very surprised how much interfacing, interlining, batting etc goes into making a backpack. If you add to this costs of hardware, outer and inner fabric the price can be high.

The pattern itself was not difficult to sew and the videos are of a good quality so it was easy to follow. There were couple of places where my sewing machine struggled to stitch through so many layers, but I took my time and made it through.

I designed my fabric after drafting all backpack pattern pieces so I could use a front panel to show off the main design… pirate chef’s jolly roger. I love how it turned out!

The only confusing part of making this pattern was attaching a zipper to top closure with tabs on either side. Would be easier to understand if there was close up of this step. I had to unpick and redo it again, because the first time around I’ve done it incorrectly.

The other aspect that was a little disappointing was the lack of inner pockets. The backpack is fully lined so it would be nice to have some extra small storage compartments inside. The only pocket is the front zippered one, but it is not that deep ( half the length of the front panel).

Final thoughts

Walkabout daypack is a well drafted pattern, that I would recommend to anyone wanting to explore bag making. Apart from the lack of inner pockets which should be easy to add I really love the overall style of this backpack. It is very spacious and comfortable to wear. I am planning to make one for myself with more feminine fabric in the future.

Enjoy your Sunday xxx