Sunny dress/top by Friday Pattern Company


Today I want to share my January make for #sewmystyle2018 challenge, which was a pattern from Friday Pattern Company called Sunny Top/dress.

I have made a top version as I am new to sewing with stretchy fabrics and was not sure about the fit. This pattern has a mixed reviews, hence wasting so much fabric for a dress would be a silly thing to do… I played it safe and opted to try a top first.

I have cut size XXL and made only one adjustments to ensure it fits my petite frame better…..I moved up a waist line by 3 cm.

This is how it turned out.


As you can see it looks pretty good on a mannequin, however on me it does not look as good anymore.

There are many issues with this fit on my figure.

  • Too much fabric on my lower back, which indicate that I need a sway back adjustment.
  • Around bust area there is excess fabric that creates a “dart”.
  • Many drag lines on sleeves, which also are pocking upwards.

Pattern review

I really like how the pattern instructions are presented. It offers you some advice on sewing with knits and gives you a pattern prep check list, which comes very handy. The step-by-step information is very easy to follow and the language used is clear.

What I found a little frustrating is that measurements weren’t attached to the pattern and I had to go on the company website to find it. I like to have it together with a pattern.

Another thing that put me off balance was lack on notches on the pattern pieces. It is not a big problem, as this pattern is fairly straightforward, however for me is easier when I have markings to ensure everything matches nicely.

I have also added a neckband to my top, only because it is more preferred by me. To do that I have measured the length of a front and a back neck seam and calculated 80% of that value, which for me was 28 cm in length, then added 5 cm in width.

I nearly forgot to cut it on fold 🙂


Final thoughts

I do not want to give up on Sunny top just yet. I will make all necessary adjustments in the near future, so can use it again and again as it has a potential of becoming a basic top pattern in my wardrobe. I’ll keep you posted.

~Onto the next make~


Re-sew-lutions ???

I normally do not have New Year’s resolutions because I can NEVER make it through first month. I know, it it so bad. However, this year I will make an exception! Why do you bother Monika, you may ask?? I tell you why… Because I got inspired by sewing community to create sewing themed resolutions….not usual ones, like, loose weight, eat less chocolate, exercise more …. These are very boring goals.

Instagram is filled now with posts about re-sew-lutions. Many opted to follow #makenine2018 challenge. This is another challenge, similar to #sewmystyle2018 that lasts all year round. The difference here is that every individual plan their own 9 makes. It can be whatever they feel like doing. You post a picture of nine projects that you aim to do the next 12 months, then fallow up with updates on your progress during the year or do a big reveal in December.

As I have already comitted myself to a #sewmystyle2018 challenge I will not participate in #makenine2018, because of a lack of time available.

I am on my last year of studying and though that sewing is “me time” to relax and have fun. I don’t want to be on a deadline.

I divided my sewing resolutions into two categories:

  • My First time (I know how it sounds hihi )
  • Space for improvement

First category include 6 sewing activities that I have never tried before….as the saying says….there is first time for everything. These are things I really want to give it a go, as I like how it looks:

  1. French seams- I think they look so beautiful. It gives a garments such a clean finish.

I will follow  tutorial to ensure I end up with perfect seams.

2. Piping- it adds a character to a garment.

I love it how Casey Maura used it on her gorgeous Mimi blouse from Tilly and the buttons. I absolutely adore it, and will try to make my Mimi with piping too. Thank you for your inspiration Casey!!!

3. Fabric cover buttons- sometimes I cannot decide or worst cannot FIND the right buttons for a project, and this is a great solution.

Don’t they just look lovely!?!

I have already purchased Hemline self-covered buttons in different sizes. Now I need to figure out how to cover it with fabric of my choice.

Thought this tutorial might help :).

4. Snaps – I do not like to sew buttonholes and this looks like a nice alternative to finish an opening of a top or a dress. 

For some reason it looks easier to do then sewing a number of buttonholes…hopefully I am not going to be disappointed when I actually try this 🙂 Found another great tutorial on this subject, yeahhh

5. Bound buttonhole- this looks like very challenging task, but it is so beautiful that I really want to do it.


I plan to add a bound button on a next coat that I will make. It meant to be a Rumana coat for February #sewmystyle2018 project, however recently another pattern has be added and I like to make this one instead. More on that in future post 🙂

6. Zip with a lining- So this one is a little tricky for me. I have sewn zips, and I have sewn lining before, but never together.

I am a bit confused on how to attach a lining to a zip… any clues??? Maybe with a Sewaholic’s help I will be able to do it!

The second category include 6 tasks I am familiar with, but I need to be better at:

1.Collar corners- do you ever find yourself sewing collars that end up being unsymmetrical? That is me…most of the time. I will spend so much time on matching corners and they never look perfect. Very frustrating!

Tilly and the buttons tutorial

Next time I will make a collar it will be on my Mimi blouse. I will follow the instruction in the Love at first stitch book, so I am hoping for a better result.

2. Darts- my failure here is purely based on my laziness to transfer it properly from the pattern. I need to find some tips on how to do it more efficiently. Please help !!!

3. Inseam pockets- hmmmm pockets, who doesn’t like them? I know I love pockets, however I find sewing inseam pockets a bit confusing. Never know how to finish the seam…annoying.

If you are like me, follow this tutorial for the perfect pocket.

4. Top stitching- so this one is easy…..not really, is it me rushing, or is it me not paying enough attention? Whatever the reason my top stitching needs to be more even in the future.

5. Buttonholes- I think this is my most dreaded sewing task. Hate to sew buttonholes. I always end up with every buttonhole looking different….not a good look, believe me.

Thanks to Melly Sews I am less scared.

6. Welt pockets- these are my favorite pockets. Obviously not the easiest ones to make…But practice makes perfect, right?

If you never tried to sew welt pocket, you need to go over to Oliver=+s blog, where you will find useful step by step instructions.


Here you go, my sewing resolutions for 2018 🙂

Wow, looking at how much improvement I need is exhausting and very exciting at the same time. What are your Re-sew-lutions for this year??

Monika xxx

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