Lander shorts by True Bias

Yet, one more month has nearly passed this year. I don’t know if this is just me, but I feel like 2018 is going way to quick!!

Enough of complaining Monika, let’s focus on the positive instead.

July’s #sewmystyle2018 gave all participants a choice of making either a Lander pants by True Bias or a Forsythe trousers by Blank Slate Patterns. I chose to sew a pair of Lander shorts, purely because of this hot weather we are having in UK this summer.


The pattern

Lander shorts or pants comes with a massive front patch pockets, which are amazing and a smaller back pockets, which I decided to omit. The high waisted style of the pants is perfect to wear with tops tucked in and some hills for a going out look, or can be dressed down for more casual look. This is what I like the most about those shorts.

The button fly is a focus fiture of this pattern and is surprising very easy to sew….however my Jenome struggled to make button holes thought so many layers of fabric.

Pattern adjustments

I have made size 16 based on my hip measurements and did not make any major alternation to this pattern.

I followed the instruction as it is, which does help with getting the right fit around hips and waist because you sew the side seams once button fly and crouch seam is completed. The pattern includes a wide side seam allowance of 1 inch to give room for a better fit. This in theory isย  a great idea, however I have realised that the crouch seam at the front is too long for me, so I ended up with an excess of fabric. It does not bother me that much, but I would alter it when making a full length pants version.

Saying that, I still lowered the waist all around by 1.5 cm, because the waist band was sitting way to high on me.

I am not sure if this is due to my fabric choice – stretch cotton, but I had to take in the side seam by 2 cm on each side too.

Final thoughts

Overall I really like this pattern and I’m not surprised why it is so popular among the sewing community, however I would prefer for the waistband to be curved and not straight, as it better hugs the body.


~what are your thoughts on Landers?~

Monika xxx

Marigold by Tilly & The Buttons

Marigold dungaree

It is nearly end of the month, so it is time for another #sewmystyle2018 project reveal. In the last few day Spring has finally arrived to United Kingdom, so April’s pattern seams like a perfect match.

It is a Tilly & the Buttons’ย Marigold Jumpsuit pattern.


The pattern calls for a light or medium weight drapey fabrics and I have used a poly crepe de chine in plain black color that I had in my stash. It was lovely to work with however I did not have nearly enough for the full length trousers I wanted to make.

This time I have ordered printed pattern, because I have a lot of study this month and did not want to waste time gluing “million” of pages together (a little exaggeration hihihi, but this is how sometimes it feels). The pattern arrived in the next 2 days, and I started to trace the pieces right away.

Pattern adjustments

After making a mock up I decided that need to shorten around the hip area by 3 cm. I used the shorten/ lengthen lines on the pattern to be my guide and marked it on both front and back pattern pieces.

Next, I have cut and stick the pattern pieces closing the 3 cm gap and then re-drafted the crotch curve.

I have done a similar adjustment to a pocket pieces.

I decided to shave off 15mm from the waist going to nothing to reduce the excess fabric. If you have to go between sizes make sure you do the same adjustment for all pattern pieces, here it is a back piece, pocket piece and a waist band piece.

To add a little “originality” to my Marigold I have traced off the top front CLEO pattern and used extended CLEO strap pattern to accommodate for a longer straps and re-used the same pattern for a belt.

My Marigold

I absolutely love the final look!!! This will be my new favorite outfit to go to the park and have a picnic ๐Ÿ™‚


Having a belt adds a little character to this piece and in my opining it looks great with the pockets and a top-stitched front pleats.


Back crossed straps also ensure that I do not have to worry about them falling down if I decide to be more active.

Unintended color matching in the picture hihihi

Sunny top and my new Marigold form quite a comfortable outfit.

Now it is time to pack my blue blanket, get some ice-cream and enjoy the sun in the park ๐Ÿ™‚

~How is your Marigold???~

Monika xxx