Free PDF Camera bag -part 1 – supplies and preparation

Hello my lovely readers!!! Today’s post will be the first part of 4 I had prepared for you for the next two weeks. Why you may ask??? I tell you! It is because I’m bringing to you yet another FREE PDF pattern and this post would take forever if I wanted to write a sew-along in one go, so better get yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, because you will be here for a while.

Supplies list

The following supplies were used to make this Camera bag:

  • Camera bag PDF Pattern
  • Main fabric x 100 cm/ 150 cm
  • Lining x 80 cm / 150 cm
  •  Single sided fusible foam stabilizer  x 1 meter
  • Fusible interfacing  x 1 meter
  • 25 mm chrome metal strap adjuster x 1
  • Metal D-Ring x 3
  • Prym Snap Hook Fastener
  • Sew-on Velcro x 2.5 meters


Pre-wash the fabric and the lining to avoid shrinkage if you ever want to wash you Camera bag.

Cut out the pieces from the main fabric and the lining as indicated on individual pattern pieces.

Note:  1 cm seam allowance is included in the pattern.

For best results fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric: Front, Back, Sides and Base panels, 4 x tabs, 1 x Top and a Strap. I had used slightly heavier weight interfacing on my bag Strap, hence fused it without seam allowance.

TIP: The heavier weight interfacing you are using the more of a crispy look you will get.

The fusible foam stabilizer should to be cut out without the seam allowance to reduce bulkiness of the seams and fused to the wrong side of all the lining fabric pieces, Handle, Dividers and 1 x Top. Once this is completed we can start the sewing process…

Tabs and dividers

Fold the Tab with right sides together and stitch the longer edge using 1 cm seam allowance. Turn it inside out using a safety pin and press the seam flat. Repeat the steps on the other Tabs.

With right sides facing, place both Long dividers together and using 1 cm seam allowance stitch it all around leaving about 5 cm opening. Trim the seam allowance at the corners as close to the stitching line as you can and using the opening turn it inside out. Repeat above steps to make the Short divider.

Using a ladder stitch close the opening on both Short and Long dividers.

Separate the Velcro tape into Hook and Loop tapes.

Attach a Velcro hook tape on both shorter sides of the Short divider by edge-stitching the tape around all sides.

Edge-stitch two Velcro hook tapes to the shorter edges of the Long divider.


On the other side of the Long divider attach a Velcro loop tape alongside both longer edges.


We had done enough for one day! Next time we will work on making a pocket with a gusset and a Top flap with a closure.

Hope you are excited about the next stage of this project!

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See you very soon!!!

Monika xxx