Free PDF Camera bag – part 2- pocket, tabs, handle and bag top

Hello everyone!!! The fun continues today with a second part of a Camera bag project. If you missed the first part you can see my previous post, where you can find a list of supplies and the PDF pattern.

In previous post we had prepared 4 tabs. Two of them will be used for a front closure and the other two will be used to attach a bag strap.

Camera bag pocket


Wrap a Tab around a D-ring, by inserting it inside and folding in half. Baste stitch ends together.

Align the Tab between closure notches marked on the Pocket piece as seen below. The Tab will be too long, but we will cut the excess fabric later. What is important here, is to place D-ring as close to the seam line as possible. Baste stitch the tab to the pocket within 1 cm of the seam allowance. Trim the excess Tab.

With wrong sides together fold and press flat 1 cm alongside one long edge of the Pocket gusset.

 On the wrong side of the Pocket bottom corners mark 1 cm seam allowance

With right sides together align the Pocket gusset with a left side of the Pocket and stitch it together stopping at the marked corner. Back-stitch at the beginning and the end of each stitch-line.


Snip the Pocket gusset as close to the stitches as possible and continue pinning to the bottom side of the Pocket. Stitch it together starting and stopping at each marked corner. Snip the Pocket gusset yet again at the other turn before continue attaching it to the other side of the pocket.

With wrong sides together fold the top edge of the completed Pocket by 5 mm and press. Fold it again by 25 mm, press and top-stitch near to the fold.

On the right side of the main Front piece mark the pocket placement as indicated on the pattern.


With right sides facing up place the Pocket on top of the Front piece, aligning the folded edge of the Pocket gusset along the pocket placement lines. Pin in place.

Attach the Pocket to the Front by edge-stitching the Pocket gusset.


Attaching side tabs

On the right side of the Side pieces (main fabric) mark the placement of the strap Tabs (red rectangle).

With right sides together place the Tab so that the short edge covers the bottom of the rectangle by 5 mm. Stitch it along the bottom edge of the rectangle.


Insert the Tab into a D-ring.

Wrap the Tab around the D-ring, so that the short edges of the Tab meet.

Edge-stitch the Tab using the rectangle as a guide.

Handle and a top flap

To make a bag Handle fold it in half with right sides together along the long edge. Sew with a straight stitch using 1 cm seam allowance. Turn it inside out with a safety pin and press the seam flat.

With right sides together align the Handle‘s short end between the notches on the Top piece (fused with a foam stabilizer). Pin in place and stitch the rectangle 5 cm deep into the Handle. Repeat at the other side.

On the right side of the fabric mark the stitch line that is indicated on the Top pattern piece.

Take the remaining Tab and by folding it in half wrap it around the closure. Stitch the ends together.

With right sides together align the Tab between the closure notches of the Top piece and stitch it within 1 cm of seam allowance.

With right sides facing each other, place both Top pieces together and pin in place.

Stitch the Top pieces together using 1 cm seam, leaving the shorter side closer to the Handle open.

Trim the seam allowance at the corners and turn the bag Top inside out making sure to neatly form the corners. Press the seams flat.


Top-stitch the Top around all sides 5 mm from the edge.

Sew a straight stitch following the stitching line as indicated on the pattern.

Fold the Top along the stitch line with the handle facing down and edge-stitch 2 mm from the fold. This helps with the flap part of the Top piece lay better, but you may skip this step and only press the Top along the stitch line if you prefer.


Hope you are still enjoying this tutorial and are up to speed.

Next time we will create the body and the lining of this Camera bag.

Stay tuned!

Monika xxx

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