Free PDF Camera bag – part 3- body and lining

Today is the day when our Camera bag will start taking its shape!!! Are you ready!?! I know I am! Without further ado, lets begin part 3!

Main body

With right sides facing each other place the Side panel on top of the Front piece. Align it on the left side of the Front, pin in place and stitch together. Back-stitch at the beginning and end. Repeat the steps for the other Side panel attaching it to the right side of the Front piece.

Take the Back piece and attach it to the Side panels following the same steps.

Press the seams open.

With right sides together align the Base’s shorter edge with one Side panel. Pin in place and stitch using 1 cm seam allowance, beginning and ending the stitch at the side seams.

To make it easier to attach the Base to the other panels, snip slightly into the side seams and spread it in similar matter like it was done while assembling the bag’s pocket.

Turn the bag inside out. Make sure to neatly form all corners.

TIP: you can use a pin to help tease out the corners, but I like to use a small screwdriver or a chopstick.

With right sides together, align the Top and the Back raw sides together. Make sure that the handle faces the Back piece. Machine it within 1 cm seam allowance.


To assemble the Lining please follow the same steps as above for the main body, but before you sew the last seam you need to press open the seams and attach the Velcro tape.

Measure about 3 cm from the top and bottom edge, pin the Velcro loop tape (excluding the seam allowance) on both sides and edge-stitch around the tapes.

Stitch the remaining open seam and attach the Base in the same way as before.

Insert the main Camera bag’s body into the lining with right sides facing together, making sure that Sides, Front and Back panels are matching. Pin it together and stitch around leaving about 7-8 cm opening.

Turn the bag inside out through the opening.

Close the opening using a ladder stitch.

Top-stitch the edge, making sure to roll the lining slightly towards the inner part of the bag.

Wow!!! We are so close to the end now! Just few more steps and you will be able to enjoy your new Camera bag.

See you next time.

Monika xxx

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