Free PDF Camera bag – part 4- adjustable bag strap

Are you still with me??? Do not gave up now because we are so close to the finish line! We already made the Camera bag body and dividers, and the only part that still needs completion is to make an adjustable bag strap.

Find the previous parts here:

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Let’s sew!

Sewing the strap

With wrong sides together fold and press 1 cm seam allowance all around the strap.

Fold the strap in half along the long edge enclosing all seam allowance inside. Pin it together. I used clips because it was easier and faster.

Edge-stitch the strap close to the fold-lines.


Attaching the strap

Slide the strap inside the adjuster and over the middle bar and out.


Take the Strap with the strap adjuster and wrap it around a D-ring. Make sure that the strap adjuster is facing towards the outside.

I laid the Camera bag on its side to make it easier to take a clear photos for you.

Bring the short strap end and feed it through the adjuster and over the bar in the same direction as the first time just underneath the strap.

Once the strap is wrapped around the adjuster bar secure it by stitching the short end to the strap.

Making sure that the strap is not twisted wrap the other end around a D-ring on the second side and stitch it together.

Adjust the strap length to how you like it, insert both dividers and you are done!




Pheew….that was a big project! Time to rest a little and have a coffee:)

See you next time

Monika xxx

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