Holly Communion bag

I haven’t done that in a while, but last week I had a pleasure to indulge in some selfless sewing. My friend had asked me to sew a simple mini handbag for her daughter’s First Holly Communion and I immediately said yes.


She had sent me an image to give me an idea of what she would like and provided the fabric and notions to make this as easy as possible.

I had  never done anything like that before so had to do a little research on Pinterest to get me started. I found Handmadiya blog very helpful, and the process of making the pattern and assembling all pieces begun. It only took me one hour and I am pretty happy with the result.


The bag’s flap is covered with lace to give it a character and style, which I think looks very cute.


Making this ribbon loops took me a while, but it was worth sweating over it 🙂 It works very well with that pearl button.


My only worry is the size. My friend gave me an estimate measure, so I am hoping it is big enough for Church Book and rosary.

As much as I love making things for other people it also is more stressful, in comparison to sewing for myself, as I never know till the end if the project will be exactly what they want… Do you feel under pressure too when making something for others??

~ time to fly home ~

Monika xxx

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