How to install a zipper end cap

Hello my crafty friends! How is your day going so far? In today’s post, I will show you how I install end caps to my zippers. It will be a very short tutorial, but it is definitely worth learning if you want to bring your bags to the next level and make them looking even more professional! I used this technique on my latest Dona tote and loving it!

Supplies need

The zipper of your choice. (Preferably with the coil tape, because it will be easy to screw it through.)

zipper end cap + screw

Small screwdriver + multisurface glue

Fold each side of the zipper tape towards the back and baste stitch in place about 5 mm from the edge.

Put a small amount of glue into the channel of the cap and the end of the zipper tape.

Slide the end of the zipper tape into the zipper end cap, insert the screw and twist it tightly.

That is all from me today. Like I told you, short and sweet 🙂

What other hardware are you using to elevate your bags?

Monika xxx

2 thoughts on “How to install a zipper end cap”

  1. The zip end cap is a great look — thanks for the tutorial! I believe you mean “definitely,” not “defiantly,” though. 🙂

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