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Practical Garment Fitting

One of my many goals to become a great seamstress is to learn as much as possible about proper cloths fitting. When I found a short course in London Collage of Fashion I had to give it a go. There are other interesting courses that I would like to do, however they do not last just one day, which means I would need to take a holiday break from work to attend these.

The course took 6 hours with an hour lunch break and our tutor was Clive Hallett.

I must say that It was very informative lesson and I enjoyed it throughout the whole day. Wish It lasted longer :)….things I have never said before at school.

There were about 10 people in the classroom, so it felt nice and personal and by the end of the session we received a certificate that I will frame and put it in my sewing corner 🙂


The day was divided in 3 parts:

On the arrival received a folder with some basic rules regarding fitting issues and understanding of balance lines and garment fit, that we used throughout the day and could make additional notes.

We had a short introduction when we talked a little bit about our-self’s and what we would like to learn.

Some information I was familiar with as I learned from past mistakes or read a book on the subject, at times I was amazed by simplicity of the fitting problem that I could have never understood before and the best way to resolve it.

At noon we broke for a lunch and I took a walk downstairs to see a mini exhibition. I got lost in my thoughts there for a while admiring the makes and drawings, that I nearly missed the beginning of the next session.

Clive Hallett as a tutor is fantastic. His knowledge on the matter is so big, that It would probably take me all my life to compete with it. He was charming and funny, and told us many interesting anecdotes based on his past experience.  Some of them shocked me, others made me laugh.

It is then, when I realized that I have his book at home. I purchased Fabric for Fashion in December and did not have much time to study it yet. However managed to flick through the pages when it first arrived and I can tell you it was worth spending my money 🙂 I might write a full review of this book later in the future if you are interested.


Second part of the day was focusing on working with a model and trying to find the issues with clothes that she was trying on. We took turn on assessing the situation and possible best way to resolve it.

This was the best part of the lesson for me, as I enjoy being involved and getting a chance to think for myself. We were guided by tutor, that was there to help whenever we got stuck or was not sure how to fix the problem in front of us. This hands on approach is brilliant and I could see how comfortable other students were to give their opinions.

The model was lovely and we spend about two hours with her, dressing her up and down in different outfits.

I got too excited here  and did not take any pictures…..silly me.

After out time with a model came to an end we looked at pictures of some fitting issues in our folders. Mr. Clive explained what was the problem on each garment and how it was solved at the end.

Final thoughts

I would recommend this short course on Practical Garment Fitting to anyone who’s knowledge on this subject is limited. It is very informative and full of practical and technical points that help with better understanding on what good fit should look like and how to look at the clothes to find a fitting problem.

Let me know if you planning on going or you attended this or similar course in the past.

~Till next time~


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