Make your first elasticated trousers hem with a stopper

Hello my sewing friends!

I will be sharing with you yet another super easy tutorial. This time I will show you how I made a elasticated hem with stoppers on my handmade Ski trousers.

Once you install eyelets or sew a small buttonholes insert the round elastic cord (I got my from eBay) starting from the wrong inner leg through one eyelet.

Now, release the tension of the double hole stopper by pressing it down and insert the elastic cord through each hole.

Lastly insert the elastic cord through to the other eyelet and pull the elastic cord so it is even on each end.

Tie both ends of the elastic cord together.

Machine the trouser leg hem enclosing the round elastic cord.


Super simple!!! By pulling on the elastic you can adjust the width of the ease of the hem.

See you next time !!!

Monika xxx

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