My first sewing challenge

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What a better way to start “expanding” my handmade clothes collection, by jumping on the #sewmystyle2018 train. I have first read about this challenge on Jessica Lorraine blog and thought it is perfect project for me. As far as I could find any information, this is the second year this challenge is being organised and each month there is a price that someone will win, yeahhhh !  That is a bonus, because by signing up to this project I also receive a discount code every month. Money saved on pattern = more fabric in my stash!!!!

What is the challenge about? It is really simple, I need to make 12 patterns in 12 months. Seams doable, right?

There are some lovely patterns, that can become a staple wardrobe pieces…of course only if I sew it nicely…oh well…time will tell.

Photo: Friday Pattern Company

Sunny dress/top by Friday Pattern Company is a January make.

It looks pretty simple on the picture, however I am a little worried, because I do not have much experience with stretchy fabrics.  Time to watch some helpful videos on this subject 😉 . My plan is to make a top. I might do it with long sleeves, but you never know….I do have a tendency of changing my mind often.

 ~ Fingers crossed ~

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