New and improved Minerva

Hello my crafty friends! Have your hear that Minerva Crafts website had a massive makeover??? If you haven’t, well don’t be surprise on your next visit because it is unrecognisable!

The new website is packed with new features and it merges a traditional shopping website with a social space for everyone to get involved in, such as the Minerva bloggers platform where crafters can show off their creations and you can follow, like and comment on their post. Furthermore, each post will be displayed on the Minerva home feed for everyone to see. On the old site these projects were only viewable in the blog tab but now they are also integrated onto the relevant product pages.

Vicki from Minerva shared: “Some other fantastic new features include a one click checkout, fully mobile optimised site, increased page speed, improved search function, better filter options and superior product imagery with videos.” It is a great place to shop, get inspired and find new friends! I absolutely love it!!!

Not sure if you know, but I have become a part of the Minerva Blogger Network this year, so from time to time I will share my makes using beautiful fabric from their website. My latest post showcase the Floral Print Cotton Sateen by John Kaldor. I had a little disaster in the process, but managed to make something lovely at the end… check it out if you want to find out more!

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