Make your first pop-over placket

Today I will share with you how I constructed my first ever shirt placket. If you would like to try it, but are scared (like I was just a week ago), keep reading, because I really like you to give it a go. It is not as difficult as it may look.

let’s do this !

step-by-step pop-over placket construction

I started with marking a center front- you can draw a line or do what I have done and press it with iron. You can skip this step all together if you wish , but I find it more helpful to accurately place a placket piece in the middle .If you eyeball it you may end up with a wonky placket.


Make sure your placket piece is interfaced on the wrong side first, then transfer all markings and notches.


The next step is to fold and press the fabric along the lines that you drew, this will make our placket nice and even on both sides.


Place the RIGHT side of placket piece onto the WRONG side of front piece. Match center lines together and pin it together.


Now, carefully stitch along the marked lines. TIP: when you get to the corner leave the needle inside the fabric, bring your foot up and turn your fabric 90 degrees, lower your foot and continue sewing. Repeat this when you arrive to the other corner.


Examine your stitch, as any wonky lines will be noticeable later on.


Nerve-wracking moment ….

Time to cut the fabric along the center line. Stop at the top of the triangle and cut it on both sides, like in the picture below. TIP: try to get as close as possible to a stitch line, but DO NOT cut it, to ensure a crisp finish.


Turn the whole placket piece to the front and press it in place. This is where you can see if you have cut in the corners as close to stitch line as possible. Note, that you will not get a clean look if you do not snip it near as possible to the stitching line.


The next step, is to press the under placket’s (shorter edge) seams allowance towards the inside of the placket. You can trim away the excess of the seam allowance if you prefer at this point.


Pin it in place and top- stitch, finishing where the little triangle starts.


Do the same on the other side-top placket. Ensure that the under placket piece is fully covered. pin in place and top-stitch, ending at the same point.


Once you are happy with your top-stitching, press it all in place.

 You can use this step to try different styles. I think this is the easiest one, as you only need to press the bottom seam allowance underneath, to give you a square end.


It can be a bit fiddly depending on your fabric, so it may be easier to temporary hand stitch the end of the placket before doing top-stitching.



TIP: when doing the final top-stitching ensure you “catch” the edges on the inside. I have missed mine so had to hand sewn it.


Time to make some buttonholes! I am not fun of making these, as in the past managed to ruin the clothing on this final step. However now I feel more confident. Saying that I can give you a final TIP: when your buttonhole is ready to be cut, it is helpful to put a pin close to the ends. I normally use seam ripper so this stops me from cutting/ripping bigger opening then it needs to be (this is how I ruined my clothes in the past).




Hope you find this helpful and you have more confidence. I am in the middle of making Kalle shirt from Close Case Patterns and can honestly say that my second pop-over placket looks even better….but I will show you that in my next post.

Happy placket making everyone!!!

Monika xxx

The Knitting & Stitching Show 2018

Finally it happened!

I went to my first Knitting and Stitching show in London last weekend. I have been waiting to go since I have missed the last Show, so you can understand my excitement. Unfortunately, due to a snowy and cold weather I got poorly few days before and on a day did not feel 100% myself, but I knew this would not stop me this time 🙂

I had the honor to drag my partner with me…I must say, he was very patient and stayed beside me all the time….guess it was my payback for keeping him a company at the Comic-con last year lol

Sunday was the last day of the Show, and I did not know what to expect. I was hoping to meet few people there like Lisa Comfort and Tilly Walnes, as I knew they will have a stand there, however this not happened…(crying in hysterics)….maybe next time.

20180304_105114[1]My day in Olympia, place of the Knitting and Stitching Show, started with a 30 mins class by Lauren Guthrie, Owner & Great British Sewing Bee Finalist 2013. It was very informative as Lauren gave the audience tips on how to stripe match and sew stretchy fabrics. Later that day I went to her to say hello and she was kind to allow me to take photo with her.


OMG, I must have been soooo awkward. I was starstruck, and could not do it earlier in front of my partner. I follow Lauren on Instagram and YouTube, so it was lovely to have a chance to speak to her. She is such a sweet lady.

On my walk around the Show I also found Sew Over It, Tilly and the Buttons, Fabrisc Galore and many more companies that I am a fun of.




My favorite fabric stand was Higgs and Higgs. I stood there for a while touching all they beautiful fabrics. The are to die for, so I am very happy I came across it, because I have never heard of this company before. 20180304_121454[1]


Not to go bankrupt, I had a limit on how much I can spend, and told my partner to keep an eye on me.

Guess what????

I had NOT buy a single piece of fabric on my visit!!!!!! WHAT???? I was overwhelmed with a choice, styles, colors that at the end I could not pick just one or two. Thinking back, I must have been more unwell then I thought hihihi

I went the next day to my local(ish) fabric shop and I bought four!!!! So I am a happy bunny anyway.

If you have never been to the Knitting and Stitching Show before, you MUST go next time!!!! It is amazing experience and you never know who you might meet 🙂 You can take sewing classes, spend a fortune (if you can afford it ), and have a lot of fun 🙂

Monika xxx

What was your favorite shop stand?