Love at first stitch


Ok, I have a little confession to make….

Lately I am obsessed with Tilly Walnes blog. She started her blog over 7 years ago (so you can see how I can binge read on the train to work hihi), and at the beginning was documenting her newly found love for making her own clothes. She had ups and downs along the way, but stayed focused and enthusiastic and with passing time became a sewing expert.

Her blog was so successful and inspiring that now she is designing and selling her own patterns. Many people who would like to start sewing do not understand a language found on commercial patterns, especially as different pattern companies may use different symbols and markings on their pattern pieces. It can be time consuming and very confusing for someone that is just about to start their sewing journey.

Tilly and The Buttons patterns include clear and easy to follow instructions, that contain pictures of every step to ensure we end up making a beautiful garment.

After spending hours on her blog, I ended up ordering her  gorgeous book called “Love at first stitch“, which was “a Sunday Timesbestseller, won ‘Best Book’ in the British Sewing Awards 2014, and has been published in nine languages”. This is Tilly’s first ever book and its main focus is to introduce sewing to beginners.

It takes you slowly through the process of sewing simple scarf, and pyjama pants, to slightly more advance project like Delphine skirt.

What caught my attention was Mimi blouse.

When I saw it I fell in love with it right away…. and as mentioned before without thinking I have ordered the book. It only costs £20 and it comes with 5 printed patterns….

I will try to do all projects, but will start with Mimi first, as I cannot wait!!! I do not have a fabric yet, but I really like how it looks like with piping, so I am thinking about a plain color, to show it off better. Keep an eye on my future posts to see my version of a Mimi.

Monika xxx


This made me feel so special….




Visit to Kingston

I need to start working on my January make for #sewmystyle2018 challenge. I have downloaded and put together the Friday Pattern Company’s Sunny dress/top last night, but decided that do not have a right fabric in my stash. (I probably could find something if i look properly….but hey, any excuse to go fabric shopping makes me a happy bunny).

There it is, I got up, got dressed and though to myself…Monika, why not visit a fabric shops you have never been to before??? Light bulb moment 🙂 I love going fabric shopping, and normally go to Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush, because it is the only place I know, plus there is so many shops and fabrics to choose from. I can spend all day there, just walking between rows of materials admiring all prints.

As it was my day off work, and did not have any other plan I decided to visit two fabric shops in Kingston. I heard so many lovely comments from other Bloggers and YouTubers about Fabric Land and Fabrics Galore, but had to see for myself what the fuss is all about.

Fabric Land




The shop is situated on Old London Road and you know you are close when you get near all these Phone boxes. Upon the entering the shop, there was a very happy team of lovely ladies, that were very helpful and nice. The shop layout is very clear, whit all fabric rolls neatly stocked on the shelves.


It took me about 20 minutes to find what I need and I need to be honest here….I bought not one, but two fabrics….feeling guilty??? NEVER!!!

Time to wash them, so I can start my first project. I must say, I was a little surprise how affordable prices are in there, especially after closer inspection (not an expert), I can say that the quality of their products is very good. I really like how the put a label to each fabric roll stating the tape and name of the product among other information. This is extremely helpful, as I am still learning about different fabric types.


What did I purchased?

Ponta Roma Jersey called Vintage Rose.It only cost £3.99 per meter, which is amazing! This will be used for my Sunny top, but about that in my future posts…

The other fabric is also Jersey and has lovely heart print, that I could not resist. This was a bit more expensive, £4.99 per meter. I am planning to make a Molly top from Sew Over It. Watch this space for further info 🙂

Fabric Land purchase

Fabrics Galore

Fabric Galore is less then 10 minutes walk from Fabric Land, so it would be very silly of me to ignore this fact and end my trip.

The shop can be found in the centre of the Ancient Market Place, on the first floor in this lovely building.


This place is stunning!!!

Just look if you don’t believe me.

So what did I do?? I bought yet another fabric!! But wait a minute, it is all in good plan. I am thinking ahead to the next month already hihi At least that is my excuse…what will it be next month I wonder? Anyway, back to the shop…

Prices here a much higher in comparison to the first shop,however it is clear just by looking at the material that the quality is very high. My imagination was running high while I was there. Thinking, planning what I would do with each fabric. I had to get out of there FAST before spending a fortune.


This fabric is medium-weight, so i spoiled myself and got 3 meters. Enough for the next month’s project, which is a Rumana coat. I shell talk more about it when the time is right…Stay focused Monika….January project first!

Overall, I am in LOVE with both shops, and will be going back there in a very near future 🙂

Ok, enough for today. Less talking, more sewing!!!

Monika xxx