Sunny dress/top by Friday Pattern Company


Today I want to share my January make for #sewmystyle2018 challenge, which was a pattern from Friday Pattern Company called Sunny Top/dress.

I have made a top version as I am new to sewing with stretchy fabrics and was not sure about the fit. This pattern has a mixed reviews, hence wasting so much fabric for a dress would be a silly thing to do… I played it safe and opted to try a top first.

I have cut size XXL and made only one adjustments to ensure it fits my petite frame better…..I moved up a waist line by 3 cm.

This is how it turned out.


As you can see it looks pretty good on a mannequin, however on me it does not look as good anymore.

There are many issues with this fit on my figure.

  • Too much fabric on my lower back, which indicate that I need a sway back adjustment.
  • Around bust area there is excess fabric that creates a “dart”.
  • Many drag lines on sleeves, which also are pocking upwards.

Pattern review

I really like how the pattern instructions are presented. It offers you some advice on sewing with knits and gives you a pattern prep check list, which comes very handy. The step-by-step information is very easy to follow and the language used is clear.

What I found a little frustrating is that measurements weren’t attached to the pattern and I had to go on the company website to find it. I like to have it together with a pattern.

Another thing that put me off balance was lack on notches on the pattern pieces. It is not a big problem, as this pattern is fairly straightforward, however for me is easier when I have markings to ensure everything matches nicely.

I have also added a neckband to my top, only because it is more preferred by me. To do that I have measured the length of a front and a back neck seam and calculated 80% of that value, which for me was 28 cm in length, then added 5 cm in width.

I nearly forgot to cut it on fold 🙂


Final thoughts

I do not want to give up on Sunny top just yet. I will make all necessary adjustments in the near future, so can use it again and again as it has a potential of becoming a basic top pattern in my wardrobe. I’ll keep you posted.

~Onto the next make~


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