Sunny top vol.2

Today I have not much to say to you…only to show you the result of my “adjusted” Sunny top by Friday Pattern Company. If you haven’t seen my previous post including my review of this pattern, feel free to jump here….

But in the mean time this is the outcome.

Sunny top vol.2

As you can see if has a much better fit all round. I am very pleased that most of my pattern adjustments worked in my favor.

Just to remind you the 3 major adjustments I have done :

-sway back

-sleeve crown

-arm hole

 Looking at the pictures I can see that I could have done bigger sway back adjustments..maybe another 1.5 cm, however it does not bother me as much as with my first try.

I am positively surprised that my experimentation with “dart” movement worked OK. I still do not think this was correct way to do it, but I am happy with the final look.

Sewing on the “new” sleeves was a bit tricky. I had far too much sleeve and had to stretch the arm hole quite a bit while sewing. It looks fine, however next time I will not lengthen the sleeve crown by as much as I did here.


I made a little error…

Making the second version I used different fabric. First top was made from Pone Roma, which did not stretch as much as this jersey fabric. Without thinking I cut out the same length of neck band as previously…and this was my mistake. It probably would be fine, if I have basted around the neck edges to stop it from overstretching…. Lesson learnt!!! Luckily when I wear it the pull lines are not that visible.20180212_141127[1]

I have made longer sleeves this time because found it more comfortable. Decided to hem it with 4 cm seam, hence I can roll the edges a bit for a little different look if I feel like it 🙂





I think it looks pretty with my Cleo dress….More on this little beauty in my next post:)20180212_141634[1]

Have you made Sunny???


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