Dreamy Ogden Cami with front button placket

Hi lovelies! As you may know by now, I love to hack and reuse patterns that I like and am comfortable in. One of my all time favorites is the one and only Ogden Cami by True Bias which is great for summer, but also why not wear it in winter with some chunky jumper on? Who said it is weather inappropriate???

Today I want to share with you how easy is to add a button placket and give your Cami a little upgrade.

Button placket hack

First, you must decide which button you will use as this determine the width of the placket extension. Do not worry about the right color at this point. The most important aspect here is the size of the button you will be using…..You can always buy the right color later.


For this project I will be using a small buttons of 12mm in diameter.


To begin, copy the front pattern piece with all necessary markings and notches but omit ON FOLD marking at the center front, as this will be cut as separates.

Once assembled the buttons will be placed on the center front as seen on the picture, so draw a line parallel to a center front 12 mm in width…..or the size of your button.




Next, we need to add a facing part to our extension, which is twice the size of the button diameter. In my case it is 24mm.


After that all you need to remember is to add some seam allowance.


To finish drafting the neckline simply cut along the seam allowance line and fold it twice, first along the seam allowance line and then the facing….same way as it will be sewn.

Take your tracing wheel and extend the neckline curve on the placket.

Once the pattern is open again it will give you a clear shape of the neckline. Draw a lines along the dots, extend the hemline and your are done drafting your pattern.


If you know how many buttons you will use it is easy at this stage to add a button holes markings to your pattern.


If you made this pattern before, you will know that the interfacing for front and back is quite substantial in width, so I decided to reduce it.

First, I copied front facing piece with all notches and markings.


Next, I draw a parallel lines 6cm away from original neckline and armhole curves.


To make this new edge easy to overlock I smoothed the line a little.


Cut it out remembering that the front piece is cut twice and not on fold.

I did exactly the same to the back facing piece, however this one is cut on fold as no changes had been made to the back piece.


You can follow above steps if you rather have the button placket on the back too. Giving you an option to change the look a bit 😉


I had used a fabric covered buttons because I think it looks really good on this fabric.


And this is how the facing looks from inside.


This Cami is my favorite so far, but it may change in the near future as I have many more hacks to try out….will keep you posted.

~Have a go at this simple pattern alternation and let me know what you think!~

Monika xxx

Ogden Cami by True Bias

If you are looking for an easy and fast make you have to get your hands on Ogden Cami by True Bias. It is a simple Cami top with a V neckline, straps and a half lining for a cleaner finish.


I had my eyes on this pattern for a while now, and with the beautiful weather in London lately I thought it is the perfect time to try it.

I have used leftover fabric from my Honeycomb shirt as the pattern calls for lightweight woven fabrics and I did not want to waist it. I had a less then a meter ( 150 cm in width) of it so keep that in mind before you purchase yours. TIP: do what I have done and use a scrap fabric for lining 😉

The pattern / adjustments

The process of cutting and sewing the top took me only few hours, which is amazing as I got to wear it for the rest of the day. It is such an easy make that I skipped looking at the instructions all together, for this reason I think it is great for a beginner sewer.

I have cut size 16 based on my bust measurements and the only adjustment made is to shorten the straps by 5 cm.

I had a little scrap of fabric left so I decided to add a little side patch pocket too, which I copied from Kalle shirt pattern. Love the idea that you can re-use and adapt pattern pieces however you like!


Final thoughts

Thanks to the simple style of this pattern I can dress it down or up depending on the occasion. I have a feeling it will became a stable piece in my wordrabe because it is great for layering, meaning I can reach for it throughout the year.


 ~How many Ogden Camis do you have in your closet?~

Monika xxx