Be my Valentine pouch – free pattern with heart applique

Hello, my crafty friends! I know it is a bit too early to talk about Valentine’s day, but I have a question! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day???

I am not because I believe we don’t need a designated day in a year to show how much someone means to us. Maybe it is just me, but I appreciate a nice gesture like getting flowers, chocolate, a plushie toy or a card, even more, when it’s gifted any other day, so today I have a small gift for you, a free pattern with a ❤ applique called “Be my Valentine pouch”.

Be my Valentine is a small, soft pouch with a zipper at the top, and the main compartment is fully lined. The biggest feature of this pouch is a large heart on the front, which is perfect to showcase a fun fabric print or to use some scraps. The inspiration for this was the Valentina pouch by Emma from Studio7t7 (check out her YouTube channel).

You can choose a regular applique method or a reverse applique method to add your heart, both explained in the sewing instructions/video tutorial.

This is a quick project, which is suitable for anyone who is comfortable sewing zippers and rounded corners.

Be my Valentine pouch is great to keep smaller items together, such as cosmetics, sanitary products, first aid supplies, medicine and why not use it as a coin purse.

You will need the following list of supplies:

Please note: You may need an additional amount of fabric with a directional print.

Height / Width

  • 25 cm / 40 cm (10” / 16”) External fabric: cotton canvas, wax cotton, faux leather, cork
  • 20 cm / 20 cm (8” / 8”) Non-fraying fabric: cork, faux leather, vinyl
  • 25 cm / 40 cm (10” / 16”) Lining fabric: quilting cotton, waterproof canvas
  • 50 cm / 80 cm (20” / 32”) Woven fusible interfacing: Stayflex, SF101, Wovenfuse etc.
  • 25 cm / 40 cm (10” / 16”) Fusible fleece (optional)
  • #5 Zipper – 23 cm (9”) x 1 (Zippers must be measured between the zipper pull and the zipper stop. When using continuous zipper cut it 25 cm (9 7/8”) long.)
  • Double-sided tape (optional)
  • Multi-surface glue (optional)

Finished measurements: Height / Width / Depth

16 cm / 16 cm / 2 cm (6 1⁄4” / 6 1⁄4” / 3⁄4”)

Skill level: Confident beginner

Be my Valentine pouch pattern is available for free in the shop. All donations are hugely appreciated because they allow me to create more free patterns just like this one!!!

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Video tutorial available on YouTube

I’ve created a video tutorial for this pattern, so you can watch it alongside the pattern instructions, or want to find out if this is the right sewing project for you.

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