Stevie bag pattern – the perfect unisex crossbody bag

Hello my crafty friends!!! The much anticipated (at least by me ) unisex crossbody bag pattern is finally live!!!!

A while back (sometime in 2020) I was asked in an email by one of my subscribers if I ever plan to design a unisex crossbody bag and the answer was YES! I actually planned to released it in 2021, but did not know when exactly, because I already started to work on a few other patterns that I am very excited about. Then, I received another email with a similar question, so I took it as a sign that maybe, possibly this is the pattern to focus on next. I only had a basic line drawing at this point, so decided to run a survey through my newsletter. I thought it could be good to hear the voices and see what people want to make next! In the survey I gave my readers a short description of the patterns I am planning to design in a near future and let them choose their favourite. The choice was between a unisex crossbody bag, a trapeze style handbag or a wallet. You probably can guess at this point that the winner with over 50% I might add was the unisex crossbody bag…. so I got to work, and today you get to see the results ๐Ÿ™‚

The pattern is called a Stevie bag (after very special person in my life) and in my humble opinion (but I am biased here) it is the most adorable bag I had designed to this date!

If I am completely honest, the design of the bag has changed a lot during the process. I had so many ideas and wanted to incorporate all of them into one bag, but unfortunately that would be overkill! Hence, you get this simple but clean unisex bag. But do not worry, I will put the other ideas to a good use on my future patterns!

Stevie bag pattern

The Stevie bag is perfect to keep all your most needed items organized while on the go. The spacious main compartment can hold a small water bottle, wallet, phone, or umbrella. Things that you (I am talking to men in my life) cannot simply carry in your jeans pockets! The main compartment is secured with the top zipper closure to keep all your belongings safe.

The bag features stylish front zipper pocket with additional one slip and 4 card slot pockets inside. Perfect to keep a face mask, travel pass and bank cards. If you need to organize your smaller items further, you can make a slip and zipper pockets in the lining with a small key holder to attach your car or house keys.

The bag is fully lined, and edges are finished with a bias tape, which gives a nice shape to the bag. Yo can wear the Stevie bag on the shoulder or across the body thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap or simply hold it by a handle.

The perfect everyday bag for everyone to use!

Supplies needed

Please note: You may need an additional amount of fabric with a directional print.

Height / Width

  • 65 cm / 145 cm (25 1/2โ€ / 57โ€) External fabric: quilting cotton, waterproof canvas, wax cotton or similar
  • 12 cm / 25 cm (5โ€/ 10โ€) Non-fraying fabric: vinyl, leather (for the pocket overlay & trim)
  • 60 cm / 145 cm (24โ€ / 57โ€) Lining fabric: quilting cotton, waterproof canvas
  • 40 cm / 90 cm (16โ€ / 35 1/2โ€) Mediumweight stabiliser: Decovil light, fusible fleece etc.
  • 125 cm / 145 cm (49โ€ / 57โ€) Lightweight fusible interfacing: Stayflex, SF101, Wovenfuse, G700 etc.
  • 19 mm (3/4โ€) Double folded bias tape x 1.8 m (2 yds)
  • 2.5 cm (1โ€) D-ring x 2, swivel hook x 2 & strap adjuster x 1
  • 1.2 cm (1/2โ€) Swivel hook x 1
  • #5 Zipper 28 cm (11โ€) x 1 & 31 cm (12โ€) x 1
  • #3 Zipper 13 cm (5โ€) x 1
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rivets x 10 (optional)
  • Multi-surface glue (optional)
  • Edge kote (optional)

Finished measurements: Width / Height / Depth

19 cm / 24 cm / 10 cm (9 1/2โ€ / 9 3/8โ€ / 4โ€)

Skill level: Intermediate

Check out the next post if you want to see the pattern testers’ versions of the Stevie bag or visit the shop to get the pattern.

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Video tutorials

I have 5 parts video series available on my YouTube channel that will help you through each step. In that tutorial I am showing you an alternative way of finishing the short edges on the bias tape and how to add a sew-in foam stabilizer if you do not have the fusible option available.

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