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Hello my crafty friends! How is your week going? Are you hungry for more free goodies??? Hope you are, because today I will show you how to make this cute little lunch bag!

About the bag

Skill level: Confident Beginner  
Finished measurements:
Height 15 cm (6”) / Width 25 cm (9 3/4”) / Depth 23 cm (9”)

I’ve designed this lunch bag so I can bring a homemade food to work. I like to have a warm meal at work and often make a soup or a stew, which are a little annoying to store in my backpack. I cycle to work everyday, so the thought of spilling my soup all over my paperwork, wallet and laptop is terrifying! Hence, the idea of making the perfect lunch bag came to life.

I wanted a bag that would be easy to carry and would hold my biggest lunch box, which is perfect when I have a long day ahead of me.

This lunch bag features a zipper closure around a front panel. It is designed this way to make it more easy (for me, because I am often clumsy) to get the lunch box out of the bag. Just open the bag , reach inside and grab the box or other snacks. Simple and spillage free!!

The handles are great to carry the bag around (or to hang it on the bike while cycling). I was considering making an adjustable strap. I rejected the idea after a while, because I didn’t think I would use it, but you could add it very easily if you prefer to have a different option.

The bag is fully lined and I would highly recommend using a waterproof canvas or other easy to clean fabric. I used waterproof canvas on both external and lining fabric, because it often rains when I cycle, so I do not want to carry a wet bag with me all day.

Supplies needed:

Please note: You may need an additional amount of fabric with a directional print.

  • 40 cm / 145 cm (16” / 57”) External fabric: Cork, Faux leather, Vinyl, Quilted cotton, or other stable fabric
  • 30 cm / 145 cm (12” / 57”) Lining fabric: Waterproof Canvas or other easy to clean fabric
  • 70 cm / 145 cm (28” / 57”) Lightweight interfacing: Stayflex, woven fusible interfacing or similar
  • 90 cm / 50 cm (35 ½” / 20”) Heavyweight stabilizer: Fusible foam stabilizer, fusible fleece, thermal fleece etc.
  • 58 cm (23”) #5 Zipper x 1

Video tutorials

If you would like to see what exactly is involved when making this lunch bag, then check out my video tutorial on YouTube!

A wonderful Victoria from Seams Legit has also created a video tutorial for this pattern. Check it out if you are not a big fan on hand-stitching, because she offers an alternative way of sewing the bag.


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