Easter egg pouch – free pattern

Easter is fast approaching and in Poland, we have a long-lived tradition of painting eggs called pisanki, which have symbolic meanings connected to beauty, fertility, rebirth, and life.
Pisanki are added to the Easter basket, along with samples of other Easter foods, such as sausage, bread, ham, salt, a piece of cake and an Easter Lamb to be blessed on Holy Saturday.

I really like this tradition, so my crafty way of getting into the holiday spirit was to create an Easter egg pouch pattern! But don’t worry, even if you do not celebrate Easter, you can still make it because it is sooooo much fun!

Easter egg pouch is great to keep smaller items together, such as cosmetics, sanitary products, first aid supplies, medicine and snacks!

The pattern is available for free and includes three different sizes: small, medium and large and is suitable for anyone who is comfortable sewing zippers and curved seams.

This is a soft, egg-shaped pouch with a zipper at the top and a fully lined main compartment.

This is a relatively quick project, unless you decide to make a patchwork from scraps of fabric, which I really encourage you to do!

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To “decorate” my pouch I decided to use fabric scraps, and this time I went all florals. To make my life easier I’ve cut pieces of batting larger than the pattern pieces and stitch small pieces of fabric on top.

There are a number of different tutorials on YouTube in case you have never made a patchwork or a quilt using scraps of fabric. I will link to some of them below:

It was my first time trying improv sewing and I really like how it turned out, so I will definitely use this technique on future projects! I can tell you it was easier and quicker than I thought! I think it would look really cool in plain colours. I need to check my stash to see if I can make a rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ

Once the patchwork pieces were finished I took the paper pattern piece and traced it to the wrong side of the panels to create the external front and back and cut additional piece for the gusset (the measurements are provided in the sewing instructions).

If you do not want to make the fabric scraps patchwork, you can always use a piece of fabric with a fun and interesting print or add some embroidery, lace trim, buttons and so much more. How you “decorate” the pouch is really up to you!

You will need the following list of supplies:

Please note: The fabric recommendation is based on the LARGE Easter egg pouch.

Height / Width

  • 30 cm / 50 cm (11 3/4โ€ / 19 3/4โ€) External fabric: quilting cotton, canvas, faux leather etc.
  • 30 cm / 50 cm (11 3/4โ€ / 19 3/4โ€) Lining fabric: quilting cotton, waterproof canvas
  • 60 cm / 50 cm (23 1/2โ€ / 19 3/4โ€) Woven interfacing: Stayflex, SF101, Wovenfuse, Vilene G700
  • 30 cm / 50 cm (11 3/4โ€ / 19 3/4โ€) Fusible fleece (optional)
  • #5 Zipper x 1 – SMALL 13.5 cm (5 3/8โ€), MEDIUM 17.5 cm (6 7/8โ€), LARGE 20 cm (7 7/8โ€) (Zippers must be measured between the zipper pull and the zipper stop. When using continuous zipper cut it 2 cm (3/4โ€) longer.)

Finished measurements: Height / Width / Depth

SMALL 16 cm / 11 cm / 2 cm (6 1/4โ€ / 4 1/4โ€ /3/4โ€)

MEDIUM 20 cm / 14 cm / 2 cm (7 7/8โ€ / 5 1/2โ€ / 3/4โ€)

LARGE 24 cm / 16.5 cm / 2 cm (9 1/2โ€ / 6 1/2โ€ / 3/4โ€)

Skill level: Confident beginner

Easter egg pouch pattern is available for free in the shop. All donations are hugely appreciated because they allow me to create more free patterns just like this one!!!

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Video tutorial available on YouTube

Iโ€™ve created a video tutorial for this pattern, so you can watch it alongside the pattern instructions, or want to find out if this is the right sewing project for you.

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