Forbidden fruit potholders – pattern drafting

Hello! As promised today I will show you how to draft a simple pattern for apple-shaped potholders, so you can make it as part of a matching set with oven gloves from the previous post. If you have your pattern ready then check out the next post to find out how to sew them.

Apples are one of my favorite fruits, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate its shape into decorative, but handy potholders. However, feel free to create a different shape if you prefer.

Pattern drafting

Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a shape that roughly resembles half apple ( or heart, pear, circle, etc.) and cut it out. It needs to be bigger than your hand, because you will insert your hand when in use, plus you will need to add some bias binding at the edges, which will, in turn, decrease the opening size a little.

Make a copy of the folded in half pattern on a separate piece of paper.

Next, draw a slated line about 1cm from the top edge and 2-3cm from the bottom edge. This will be the potholder opening to insert your hand, so you can make it bigger if you want to, but I would not recommend it any smaller, as it will be more difficult to put your hand inside.

Mark your pattern pieces, so you know exactly how many times it has to be cut out and from which fabric:

  • potholder: cut twice from main fabric and once from heat reflective fleece
  • potholder pocket: cut 4 times main fabric ( or 2 times main and 2 times lining fabric if using scraps), if your fabric is lightweight I would recommend interfacing your pocket pieces, so it holds its shape and gives more structure.

Draw a rectangle for a loop that will be an apple’s tail. You can angle it on the side like I have done if you wish. It will be sewn on hold, so you only need to cut it once.

The last pattern piece will be our apple leaf, so fold the paper in half and draw a curved line. Its shape and size really depend on you, so have fun with it. You can even make two or more different size leaves if you like. Cut it twice for each leaf you want to make and use some interfacing again, if your fabric is soft or it drapes.

As you can see the pattern pieces for an apple-shaped potholder are completed. Now you can look through your leftover fabric to find a color combination that suits your aesthetics or desires.

~Have fun drafting your own patterns!~

Monika xxx

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