How to attach pearl snaps

Hi crafty people!!!

Are you scared of attaching pearl  snaps to your garment, but really like how they look? Keep reading because today I’ll be showing you that it is not that scary….actually it is less scary than sewing a buttonholes…at least for me 😉

Pearl snaps – tutorial

To ensure correct assembly of any snaps first we need to recognize the difference of each piece and what goes together.
Solid pearl top (A) is attached to a ‘Female’ (B) – the one with a hole inside, and the ‘Male’ (C) is attached to a spiky ring (D).
Pay attention to ‘Female’ piece- inner circle is raised above the outer edge on one side.Mark the placement of snaps on the front right placket in equal distance.
This is the side that is shown from outside and will feature pearl snap (A).Place the solid pearl piece (A) on the right side of the garment and pierce it through the placket onto the wrong side.

Place the ‘Female'(B) on top of spikes (A) with the raised inner ring facing the fabric.
Solid pearl can be fragile so it is best to protect it with some extra layer of fabric before pressing/hammering.Using a Prym pliers or a hammer, press firmly both pieces together or lightly hammer it in place.
Repeat those steps for the rest of the pearl snaps.
To ensure there is no gaping in between snaps I lay the top on the flat surface and used a pins to find the center of the pearl snap and mark it on the left placket.Pierce spikes of the ring (D) from the wrong side of the left placket .

Place ‘Male'(C) on top so that the spikes (D) fit in with the inner grooves.Press it or hammer it firmly in place.
Complete the steps for the rest of snaps.


~~~I told you it is not as scary as you may thought! Are you going to try it out? You can follow this tutorial for any other types of snaps too. The importance is to understand what piece goes with what and the rest is super quick and easy!

Have fun snapping 😉
Monika xxx