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Hello, my crafty friends!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day!
The Christmas season is just around the corner and this year I decided to make some handmade decorations. There are so many sewing projects that would be fun to do such as Christmas tree ornaments, table runner, stockings, advent calendar, wreath, gingerbread house, Christmas crackers, Santa hat and so much more, but unfortunately, I have limited space in my tiny flat. For a while now I wanted to make a few gnomes to decorate my flat for Christmas. They are so cute and adorable! If I had a space I would make an entire village 😆 (hopefully one day 🤞).

There are many styles of gnomes and as many or even more different tutorials online. Trying some of them would be fun, but with my limited space I had to be smart. Sewing a bunch of stuffed gnomes was out of the question. I am stubborn, and when I set my heart to do something, I will do it, so I started to search for a gnome design that is also functional in other ways than just a decoration. I looked and looked but was not able to find anything that I liked. I seem to see a pattern here…I can never find anything I like. It might be that I am too picky, but I like to believe that my creativity takes over and, the ability to make whatever I want/need/want wins each time 🤣 Why would you settle for something if you can have exactly what you want instead! Right?!

Plus, I like to share all my projects with you and today, I would like like to introduce you to the most adorable Gnome basket you will ever find 😉

Gnome basket

As the name suggests, MY gnome is not just an ordinary, stuffed gnome but is also a basket! This way, you can have a cute Christmas decoration in your house and a perfect storage solution, so you don’t waste the precious free space! I like to hide my candy and sewing supplies in mine! Talk about a style and function 😍

The Gnome basket has two components: the main body (basket part) with the most adorable fluffy beard and a tiny nose plus a separate hat that goes on top. The basket has a round base and a fully lined main compartment. The hat is shaped like a cone with a tiny pom-pom on the top. You could easily add an elastic to it and re-use the pattern for custom made birthday hats 🥳

You can make a Gnome basket (or a small village of them) with my free PDF pattern (no sewing instructions) and a video tutorial! Santa came earlier this year!!!

Supplies needed

You will need the following list of supplies:

Height / Width

  • 50 cm / 50 cm (20″ / 20″) – External fabric: cotton, cork, faux leather etc.
  • 50 cm / 50 cm (20″ / 20″) – Lining fabric: quilting cotton, waterproof canvas ets.
  • 15 cm / 15 cm (6″ / 6″) – Fur fabric
  • 50 cm / 100 cm (20″ / 40″) – Woven interfacing: Stayflex, SF101, Wovenfuse etc.
  • 50 cm / 50 cm (20″ / 20″) – Stabilizer (optional): Fusible fleece (HeatNBond, Vilene H640, foam interfacing (By Annie’s Soft and Stable, Pellon Flex Foam, Bosal In-R-Form), Decovil light etc.
  • Pom-pom x 1
  • Pom-pom/button/bead etc. x 1
  • Gnome basket pattern

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Video tutorial

I’ve created a video tutorial for this pattern, so you can watch it and sew along with me!!!

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