McFly & Mini McFly backpack pattern – testers roundup

Hello again on this beautiful, McFLy backpack pattern release day! It is time to show you the wonderful creations made by the pattern testers!!! It gets boring, but I have to say it again, they all did an amazing job and I am not able to pick my favourite!!!

I am always amazed to see my pattern comes to life in so many versions. As you can see, the McFly backpack can be made from a various types of fabrics, canvas, cork, wax cotton, faux leather to name just a few. Whether you decide to use a plain fabric, fabric with small or large print, showcase a panel or choose to colour-block, the McFly backpack is easily customizable, so you can make it totally unique.

The McFly backpack may look complicated, but many of the pattern testers would rate it as an advanced beginner pattern. If you are familiar with sewing rounded corners and zipper you probably will agree with them! The pattern is labeled as intermediate, purely because there are a couple of tricky steps and I know that sewing oval base and darts is not something that you might be used to.

Let me know what you think about the McFLy backpack pattern! But first let’s see what testers made and said about the pattern 😍

“Thoroughly enjoyed making the McFly Backpack with so many fabric choices for a different look.” @Peg Coombes

“The pattern definitely looks more intimidating and hard than it really is! Its very innovative with the front darts (I am not a darts person and this was not a challenge or issue for me). I like how customizable the exterior is. I can use a bunch of different prints/materials on the outside as there’s lots of elements to it. The zipper pocket on the front is definitely an asset as it can host a small printed panel for the mini and a larger printed panel for the regular size. I have marked it to be an intermediate pattern but I feel it’s more between intermediate and advanced beginner. The curved bottom is likely a challenge for an advanced beginner but other aspects are very beginner friendly. This is a great backpack pattern for an advanced beginner to learn how to sew more rounded pieces though. I also really like that it has a lot of structure but no binding is involved! So many backpack patterns I own have binding involved which can turn off some sewists. I think this will sell great as its very straightforward with a little challenge for the bottom assembly and doesn’t have the binding that many dread. Overall, had a fun time testing this pattern.” @magicpumpkincreations

“I like this pattern! Size is good (tested regular), shape is nice, padded straps are very comfortable. Pieces went together very well and sewing this backpack was a pure joy! Good thing is that there is possible to play with different materials and sew this backpack on domestic machine.” @uduheeringas

“I liked the pattern very much , the instructions were fairly simple, and it’s pockets are great! Strap installations were well designed. I was not truly pleased with the look of the darts but understand it’s usage.” @jhejza

“It’s ingenious how this backpack is sewn together. The Mini is a great size for everyday use or a light hike. It’s roomy, has nice pockets and a great look! I can’t wait to use it!” @patchoulimoonstudio

“I absolutely loved the lining pocket pieces – they came together so wonderfully. I like the outer front of the bag to give it a bigger dimension, and like the side pockets. I didn’t enjoy fixing the lining pieces together and the outer pieces – but it came together better than I thought it would. The steps were easy to follow and overall a satisfying sew.” @Carys-Ann

“Not for the faint of heart and a tutorial would go a long ways to helping with the more difficult parts like the full bag assembly. I was extremely happy when I turned the bag and it looked so good! Had my doubts about the curved seams but they turned out great.” @Debbie

“I really enjoyed to test this amazing backpack! It’s absolutely easy to sew with clear instructions and many pictures. I made the mini version which is excellent for everyday use, trips or adventures! Thank You Monika for creating this amazing Backpack! :)” @May-Dee-Designs

“I really like the finished size of the bag as it is not too big, but just the right size. The instructions were easy to follow and the diagrams clarified anything I was not completely sure of. This pattern is certainly adaptable to a variety of fabric and vinyl. The result was a professional looking backpack. I definitely will be making more of these. I would recommend this pattern to others to make.” @sewingfluffinator

“I was looking for a new challenge and this backpack was certainly that. It was a fun make and I will definitely make more of them. It was a pleasure to sew. I made it in colors to match my luggage in anticipation of traveling with it as my carry on. I’ve had several requests from family for one in their favorite colors. It will make a great gift!” @adorabull2

“This is a great sized backpack for everyday use. The mini version is perfect to take anywhere, yet big enough for all your essentials.” @mermadebymeredyth

“I love this pattern. This is not a huge complicated pattern with a million pieces. It goes together so well.” @twiztedstitchezus

“This was a fun make and the large is a good full size backpack which is nice for those actually using them for school and needing to fit books and things. The pattern makes a complicated looking bag surprisingly easy to construct.” @ovesonlife

“Great instructions and pictures. The bag is lovely! Definitely not a beginner bag. My mid-range Babylock did it’s job, but a tight fit to sew at the end.” @Cathy Shonholz Jacobs

“This is the perfect size backpack for travel, for school and work. Large enough to carry all you need but very streamline looking. Lots of options for material choices to make it your own.” @bagsandmorebysabrina

“Great pattern! Very clear instructions! Will be making more!” @bunfordorsi

“I made the regular McFly and it is a nice size backpack. It is not heavy. It holds a lot. I will be giving this one as a Christmas gift and I have 2 more planned.” @pattyodesigns

“It is excellent I love that there was no binding.” @Tamarack Needleworks

“I thought it was awesome!” @thesewingninjastudios

“This backpack pattern is amazing! It comes in two sizes each with it’s own unique strap assembly. The pattern is beautifully written with step-by-step easy to follow instructions and pictures to guide you every step of the way. The front and back pleated pieces are put together in the most unique way that its still sew simple for “Confident Beginners” looking to challenge themselves just a little bit more.” @Bailey’s Goodies

“This pattern came together very easily! Looks complex but the instructions are spot on! I have made many backpacks and been disappointed with a few, I am happy to say that this will be in the permanent line up of options for my customers.” @DaphneJadeDesigns

The McFly backpack pattern is available in the shop now. The pattern is on sale till 30th of October ’21, so make sure to get your copy!

I would love to see your versions so join Allsewpetite – makers group on Facebook. You can find out more about the McFly pattern in the previous post.

Video series available on YouTube

I’ve created 7-parts video series for this pattern, so you can watch alongside the pattern instructions, or just want to find out if this is the right sewing project for you.

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