Scooter pouch – testers roundup

Hello, my crafty friends!!! In case you missed it, yesterday was the release of my latest pattern, The Scooter pouch. As the name suggests, the pouch was designed with scooters in mind. If you want to find out more about the Scooter pouch pattern check out my previous post!

Today, I had so much fun during the testing phase for the Scooter pouch pattern. Working with such a talented group of people is always an absolute pleasure and makes my job so much easier! I will never stop being thankful to the people that volunteer to test my patterns. They did a fantastic job. My favourite part of the pattern testing is seeing everyone’s versions. Each Scooter pouch is unique and beautiful, it is incredible to see how the pattern looks depending on what fabric is chosen. I hope you are ready for a massive dose of inspiration!

Let’s take a look at the beautiful creations and what the pattern testers had to say after sewing the pattern!

“This is a great pouch to add to your bicycle, big enough to carry everything you might need while on a ride. Great access for any size cell phone in the front pocket. Love all the straps, makes it easy to install on any bike frame. I did not have a child scooter to try it on.” @bagsandmorebysabrina

“I love the pouch and can see more uses than using it just as a Scooter Pouch. As you see from the applique I added to the front of my bag, it is a great place to add something creative such as an applique, an embroidery, patchwork, or a great looking fabric to showcase. Function & creativity that come together is what I love to make the best.” @patchoulimoonstudio

“I thought the pattern was well thought out. I didn’t really like the boxing of the corners. I think there would be a better way to do them, but not sure how. Thank you for allowing me to test your pattern.” @Helen Dryden

“A domestic friendly for advanced beginner pattern that I’m sure lots of bike riders could use as well as scooter riders.” @Peg Coombes

“Great pattern! Could easily be converted to backpack for smaller children (which is needed in patterns).” @WorkmanStitch

“I loved the pattern and the finished product. The instructions were among the best and most organized I’ve ever used.” @Zelma Dye Rouse

“This was a fun sew that comes together easily. It has many uses and can be adapted to suit all ages.” @mermade_bymeredyth

“Well, my son claimed it for his walker so it was gone this morning and I couldn’t take any more pictures. We mounted it sideways towards him so that he can keep his water, keys and wallet in it.” @Pat Olivier

“Overall good” @Norah’s Fabric Creations

“This is a fantastic pattern with clear instructions and plenty of photos to support every step of the way. It is a versatile pouch suitable for a bike, walking frame and scooter. There are options to make this a soft pouch or add additional stabiliser to give it more structure. Overall, I enjoyed making this pouch, it was such a quick sewing project.” @bright_bag_design

“I really liked the style of the pouch and can see how it would be useful to clip to my golf bag or hook to something. However, I really struggled with the final assembly. I had a really hard time comprehending what seams were supposed to go together and in which manner.” @Lauren

“I really love the design! You are very detailed with your instructions, and I love that. It came together really nicely! The boxed corners turned out perfectly too!” @kerry_ofverykerrybags

“This was a fun make.” @Holly

“I loved it, easy to follow with clear instructions.” @ Jennifer

“The Scooter Pouch is the perfect size to carry everything you need on your scooter or bike. It’s a quick sew and super cute. I will be making one for each of my nieces, nephews, and grandkids for Christmas and probably will fill them with candy!” @edgeanddolor

“The finished project is really cute- my Granddaughters will love it on their bikes – going to make another one…” @Margaret Ptakowski

“I can see myself making some more for the bikers in my life. It’s a relatively quick sew for an advance beginner. Somewhat of a scrabbuster too.” @iamglendasam

“A very fun pattern to make. Well written, clear instructions. Confident beginner pattern. Domestic machine friendly. Easy to customize with extra pockets, straps, handles, etc.” @Bailey’s Goodies

“I think it’s a great pattern and well written. I wouldn’t say beginner friendly but advanced beginner, those with some bag making experience would be okay. Comes together fairly quickly.” @Mel’s Handmade Magic

The Scooter pouch pattern is available at the introductory price till 30th of August’21. I would love to see your versions, so join Allsewpetite – makers group on Facebook.

Video tutorial available on YouTube

I’ve created a video tutorial for this pattern, so you can watch alongside the pattern instructions, or just want to find out if this is the right sewing project for you.

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