DIY Christmas tree ornaments – five easy designs

Hello, my crafty friend!!! Have you made your Christmas gifts, or are you buried by the fabric right now 😉

Whatever the case, you will be pleased to hear that today’s projects (you heard that right) are quick to make!
I live in a small flat, so I never had a Christmas tree, but this year, I decided to make space for the tinies Christmas tree ever!!!
You shouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that since I made that decision, my mind had million ideas to decorate it 😄 I stopped myself at FIVE, and I want to share them with you!

I designed five quick and easy ornaments, so you can make them and decorate your tree in time for Christmas. Since all edges are left raw, I highly recommend using a non-fraying fabric, such as cork, vinyl or faux leather. If you prefer cleaner edges, then why not try to use an edge coat. Alternatively, you can make it with felt fabric, so grab the most colourful, Christmassy scraps of fabric and let’s get sewing!

The ornaments finish at 13 cm ( 5 1/8″) high and 11 cm (4 1/2″) wide.

Supplies needed

To create your own Christmas tree ornaments you will need:

  • Non-fraying fabric in various colours. The pieces are very small, so check your scraps, but in case you need a new fabric, head over to Minerva! They have a large selection of beautiful fabrics, available in various colours and prints!
  • Fabric scissors to cut out the fabric.
  • Sewing machine, thread, needle to sew the snowflake pouch.
  • Fabric marking pen or chalk. Use something that can be erased, because you will mark the right side of the fabric.
  • Multi-surface glue or double-sided tape.
  • Seam ripper in case something goes wrong.
  • Hole puncher to punch the holes.
  • String, cord etc. to hang the finished ornaments.
  • Christmas tree ornament templates

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If you are anything like me, then you like to use the same pattern over and over again. With time this can get a bit boring, so to spice things up, why not use these ornament templates as an applique!?!
They would look adorable on a small bag, wallet, table runner or tote bag! I have tried it and loved it!

Be my Valentine zipper pouch is the perfect size to applique these ornaments.
When using these ornament templates as an applique, remember NOT to cut the pieces that go on the back of the ornament. Watch the video tutorial if you aren’t sure which these are 😉

Video tutorial available on YouTube

I’ve created a separate video tutorial for each ornament design so you can sew along with me 😉

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