Fabric basket – sewing tutorial

Hello my crafty friends. How are you doing today?

If like me you struggle to organize your fabric stash or other sewing bits and bobs I have a perfect solution for you! Fabric baskets! I know right, why haven’t I thought about it before? To give you a helping hand I’ve prepared this short tutorial so you can get organized in no time. It is a super easy project and I bet you already have everything you need at home. These Fabric baskets can be made extra sturdy by adding heavyweight fusible stabilizer, or leave it off for more slouchy look. I’ve made my baskets using some wax canvas and I’ve lined them with a waterproof fabric. Both materials were stable enough, so I did not have to add any additional interfacing.

Depending on your needs you can choose to make either small or large Fabric basket. Both measurements are given in the sewing instruction that can be downloaded at end of this post.

Finished measurements:

Small basket: 21.5 cm / 23 cm / 16.5 cm (8 ½” / 9” / 6 ½”)

Large basket: 21.5 cm / 23 cm / 33 cm (8 ½” / 9” / 13”)

Supplies needed:

External fabric: Cotton Canvas, Cork, Faux leather, Vinyl, or other stable fabric

Lining fabric: quilted cotton or similar

Lightweight interfacing: Stayflex, woven fusible interfacing or similar

Heavyweight stabilizer: Decovil light or heavy, Fusible foam stabilizer, fusible fleece etc.

Piping of your choice: 85 cm (33 ½”) – Small basket or 120 cm (47 ½”) – Large basket

Leather strap 20 cm (8”) x 2 / per basket

Rivets x 4 / per basket

If your sewing corner is a total mess (just like mine was before) and you are fed up looking at it simply grab some fabric and a pair of scissors and let’s get sewing!

Och so much better! I wanted to make my sewing corner as organized as possible so made various small and large Fabric baskets using various colors. Now, every time I look at it, it makes me smile. I’ve decorated the top edge of my baskets with some white piping and added leather handles for the convenience if I ever need to move it somewhere else. If you prefer a plain storage basket simply omit those features, alternatively you can personalize it even more. Why not make few and gift it to your family and friends. They can also use it a storage solution in the bathroom, bedroom or a kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in a comments box below or drop me an email. Tag your Fabric baskets using #AllsewpetiteTutorials

Monika xxx

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