Bubble pods by Love from Beth

Hello my crafty friends! Hope your are having a lovely day. Lately I was very busy designing my upcoming Kate bag pattern and did not have much time to sew, but I had managed to squeeze an hour to make these adorable bubble pods from Love from Beth.

I had this on my Pinterest board for a long time and though it would be a fun little project to take my mind of all other things…and it worked! I purchased and printed the pattern and started to work on in straight away. What surprised me the most is the unusual shape of the pattern. The Bubble effect is formed my lots of tiny darts, so it this is something that you hate sewing, well….give it a try anyway, because unlike the darts in the garments it does not have to be neat hahahah

The pattern uses relatively small amount of fabric so I would consider it a perfect project for a fabric scraps busting. I used two fat quarters of multi-coloured African cotton print that I got if from eBay, one for the other shell and one for the lining. To give the Bubbles some stability it is recommended to quilt some wadding or batting between both layers, but I had use leftovers of some white fleece instead.

To finish off the raw seams I had chosen to use scraps of a satin bias tape. I used a nave colour to cover the inner seam and blue for the rim of the Bubble pods and the base seam.

The pattern actually comes with a facing for the edge of the rim but I had quilted the entire fat quarter and it was too bulky. Bias tape was my last resort, because I didn’t have more fabric and didn’t want to unpick all of the quilted stitches….I am not that crazy!

I had also omitted the loops. Why you ask?! Partially because I run out of the time and fabric, partially because the Bubble pods are designed to sit flat on your desk so I knew it wasn’t necessary.

I wanted to hang them on my peg board at first, but realized that they were to big and looked out of balance. The finished size of the Bubble pod is about 5 ” all around so it is great to store wonder clips near my sewing machine and some other bits and bobs for the project I am currently working on. I am thinking to scale down the pattern and make a mini version at some point to keep my sewing needles and other small items on my peg board. I will let you know once I get the chance to make it.

I think this pattern is fantastic and well written instruction are easy to follow. It would be a great upgrade if you are a beginner and want to venture into more advanced techniques like sewing a curved seam or cutting and sewing a bias tape.

The Bubble pods make are perfect storage idea not only for your sewing room, but also bedroom or bathroom where you can keep all your small essentials, hence it could be a lovely handmade gift for family and friends.

Monika xxx

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