Scrunchie with a hidden zipper pocket – sewing tutorial

Hello, my crafty friend!!! I have a super fun and a bit different project for you today.
Have you ever made a hair scrunchie? If the answer is YES, I need to ask….have you ever made a scrunchie with a hidden zipper pocket??? No? Well, you should try it!

I love this project because no-one would ever know that you have a secret pocket inside your scrunchie! The pocket is ideal to keep spare cash, keys, lipstick, tampons, candy and other smaller items, which is fantastic if you need too quickly go somewhere and don’t need your bag/backpack. I am not a big fan of scrunchies, because I don’t really put my hair in a ponytail that often, but instead I wear them as an accessory on my wrist.

If you need a quick sewing project between making bags, guilts or garments, this one will not disappoint! You can make them is a various types of fabrics, colours and sizes depending on your needs. Choose a loud and crazy fabric to make a statement or make one that matches your outfit! Making a scrunchie is a perfect beginner-friendly project and a great opportunity to use leftover scraps of fabric.

This is also a fantastic project if you have never sewn an invisible zipper or need to practice to improve/refresh your skills.

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Supplies needed

To make a scrunchie with an hidden zipper pocket you will need:

  • Fabric of your choice – Try using woven fabrics whenever possible especially if your are a beginner and have never sewn a invisible zipper. If you pick a stretchy fabric it will be more difficult to sew the zipper, unless you apply some interfacing to the back of the fabric or use a stay tape, which will prevent the fabric from stretching.
  • Elastic – I like to use 5 mm flat elastic.
  • Invisible zipper – in a similar colour to your fabric, I trim mine to about 12 cm.
  • Thread & needle
  • Ruler to take some measurements.
  • Marking pen/tailor’s chalk
  • Sewing machine, unless you want to stitch seams by hand.

I’ve created a step by step video tutorial so you can sew along with me!

You can make a bunch and gift them to your family and friends, or sell them in your local market!

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