Boxy pouch- sewing tutorial

Hello my crafty friends!!! Hope you are doing well wherever you are.

It is sad to say but we all know what is going on in the World right now and with most of us self isolating at home it can be a little daunting at times. That is why I have a super fun and handy little project for you today….a boxy pouch, not just for make up 😉

Drafting the pattern

This pattern is super easy to draft and you can play with lengths to make the pouch in various sizes.

You will need to draft two patterns:

-main body (green line)

-lining (pink line)

-Zipper tab 11 cm/6 cm


This project does not use a lot of fabric which is great if you have some fabric scraps.

-Main fabric 49 cm /40 cm

-Lining fabric 49 cm/40 cm

-Zipper 32 cm

-Interfacing (optional, if you prefer more structured look)

Boxy pouch sewing tutorial

Sandwich the zipper along the shorter edge between the main fabric and the lining (both pieces right sides together). Zipper’s outer side should face the right side of the main fabric.

Pin in place and sew it together with 1 cm seam allowance or as close to the zipper teeth as you can/want.

Press the seam allowance towards the lining and top-stitch together.

Press the seam.


With right sides together pin the other end of main fabric to the other side of the zipper tape and machine it with 1 cm seam allowance.

Repeat the same step for the lining, using the first stitch as a guideline.

Open the zipper, press the seam allowance towards the lining and top-stitch the edge.

To make a zipper tabs, mark the center of the tab on the wrong side along the longer side. With wrong sides together fold the fabric so that the raw ends meet in the middle, pin in place.

Fold the tab along the middle enclosing the seam allowance. Edge-stitch it on both sides.

Cut on half to make two separate tabs.

Temporarily tack zipper tapes together and/or remove the metal zipper teeth away from the seam allowance.

Fold the zipper tabs in half, pin it at both ends of the zipper and sew it together within 1 cm seam.

Turn the pouch over so that the lining is outside. Divide the pouch into four parts.

Align the zipper and the middle of pouch together, fold the sides towards the center.

TIP: Open the zipper half way through the pouch before you stitch so you can turn it inside out later.


Machine through all layers with 1 cm seam allowance on both sides of the pouch.

Fold the extended lining piece towards the pouch so that the raw edges meet and pin in place.

Fold it over again enclosing the seam allowance, pin in place.

Stitch it along the edge of the first fold.

Once completed, turn the pouch inside out through the zipper opening and shape the pouch corners and folds into a boxy shape.

Hope this will keep you occupied for a while. I really like this type of pouch because it is spacious and i can keep a variety of items inside. I had made few of them as gifts for friends and they all love it!

Stay safe!

Monika xxx

Make your first elasticated trousers hem with a stopper

Hello my sewing friends!

I will be sharing with you yet another super easy tutorial. This time I will show you how I made a elasticated hem with stoppers on my handmade Ski trousers.

Once you install eyelets or sew a small buttonholes insert the round elastic cord (I got my from eBay) starting from the wrong inner leg through one eyelet.

Now, release the tension of the double hole stopper by pressing it down and insert the elastic cord through each hole.

Lastly insert the elastic cord through to the other eyelet and pull the elastic cord so it is even on each end.

Tie both ends of the elastic cord together.

Machine the trouser leg hem enclosing the round elastic cord.


Super simple!!! By pulling on the elastic you can adjust the width of the ease of the hem.

See you next time !!!

Monika xxx