Rudolph key chain – free template & sewing tutorial

Hello, my crafty friend! I cannot believe I am saying that, but I have a new Christmas project for you!!! I know it is early, which means I have my s***t together 😄 Usually, I don’t even have time to think about Christmas sewing till the very last minute, so that is good news!

I have a few other sewing projects lined up, so this Christmas, my tiny flat will be filled with handmade decorations and gifts! I will share some of them with you in the next few weeks!

Today’s sewing project is a scrappy one, which I’m sure many of you can appreciate. With everything happening around the World, many of us are struggling financially and cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts. In moments like this, I feel blessed and grateful that I can create something with my hands. I’m sure you can relate 🥰

Rudolf key chain makes an ideal gift or stocking filler and it is super fun to make! I’ve made four so far and I plan to make many, many more!

This project is designed for non-fraying fabrics because all edges are left raw. I recommend using cork, vinyl or faux leather, and if you prefer clean edges, you can finish them with an edge coat. Alternatively, you can make it with felt fabric, so grab the most colourful, Christmassy scraps of fabric and let’s get sewing!

Rudolf key chain is a fantastic beginner-friendly project that comes together in no time! It finishes at 7. 5 cm ( 3″) high and 9 cm (3.5″) wide.

Supplies needed

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Video tutorial available on YouTube

I’ve created a video tutorial for this project so you can sew along with me ðŸ˜„

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