Snowflake Applique Pouch – Free Template & Video Tutorial

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Today, I want to show you another quick and easy Christmas project. If you have been here awhile, you probably know I prefer winter over summer, and growing up in Poland, I remember how magical a white Christmas can be. Since I moved to the UK, I don’t see snow that often, so I wanted to make something that would bring the winter and snow closer to my heart.

I had many different ideas, but in the end, I chose to make a zipper pouch with snowflake applique. It’s a simple sewing project you can make in one sitting.
I created a snowflake template, which you can download for free (below the supplies list).

FYI You don’t have to make a zipper pouch if you don’t want, instead add the snowflake applique to other projects such as pillowcases, tote bags, table runners, placemats, coasters or quilts.

Remember, the snowflake template can be printed using a different scale to suit whatever project you have in mind.

I’ve made a small, soft pouch with a zipper at the top, and fully lined main compartment. The biggest feature of this pouch is a large snowflake on the front, which is perfect to showcase a fun fabric print or to use some scraps. Snowflake pouch is great to keep smaller items together, such as cosmetics, sanitary products, first aid supplies or medicine.

The snowflake pouch finishes at 18 cm ( 7″) high and 18 cm (7″) wide.

You can choose a regular applique method or a reverse applique method, both methods are explained in the video tutorial 😉

Supplies needed

To make the snowflake applique pouch, you will need the following list of supplies:

  • You will need some external and lining fabrics. The pieces are 20 cm / 20 cm (8″ / 8″), so check your fabric scraps, but in case you are looking for some new fabric, head over to Minerva! They have a large selection of beautiful fabrics, available in many colours and prints!

To make my Snowflake pouches, I used quilting cotton for the lining and depending on the applique method, I used either cotton fabric (applique method) or faux leather (reverse applique) on the exterior.

  • When working with a lightweight fabric, such as quilting cotton or cotton poplin, you may need to interface it with some woven interfacing, I like to use Pellon SF101. A stabiliser is not required, but if you want to make more of a structured pouch, I recommend using Fusible fleece or a Decovil light.
  • Snowflake template

To make the snowflake applique/reverse applique pouch cut:

1 x Front & Back (external fabric & lining fabric) 20 cm / 20 cm (8″ / 8″). If you are using reverse applique method, cut the Front piece from non-fraying fabric, such as cork, vinyl or faux leather because we are going to leave raw edges.

Additionally, you will need a backing piece that is at least 17 cm / 17 cm (6 3/4″ / 6 3/4″).

1 x Zipper tab (external fabric) 3.5 cm / 5 cm (1 3/8″ / 2″)

When using regular applique method, you will need to cut the snowflake from non-fraying fabric, such as cork, vinyl, faux leather or felt.

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Video tutorial available on YouTube

I’ve created a video tutorial for this project so you can sew along with me 😉

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