How to install two types of purse feet

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If like me, you are trying to make your bags look more professional, then you are probably considering investing in some extra hardware, one of which may be purse feet (bag feet).  Typically you will find them on the bottom of a handbag, a tote or a backpack. The purpose of purse feet is to ensure that the handbag rests on the metal pieces and not on the bottom surface of the bag itself, which decreases the risk of wear and tear.

Purse feet are very easy to install, are fairly inexpensive and you can find a variety of sizes, shapes and colours on the market. I would recommend choosing a colour that matches the other hardware on your bag/backpack, but don’t worry it it doesn’t, after all no one really look at the bottom of your bag 😉

Most popular types of purse feet:

  • Purse feet with prongs and washers
  • Screw-in purse feet

Some purse feet come with washers others without, but both versions are installed the same way. I prefer the one with washers because in my experience the feet are more secure.
Whenever I purchase purse feet without any washers, I visit a hardware shop to find a washer that would fit my purse feet. There are so many sizes available so take one of the feet with you to ensure you get the correct size for the prongs.

Purse feet with prongs and washers

washers from hardware store

Supplies needed

Video tutorial

Once you have all your supplies ready, watch this video tutorial to learn how to install both types of purse feet!

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